UA: The Soulknife Rogue

Wizards of the Coast just dropped newest Unearthed Arcana and with it come three new subclasses. In this first article we’ll discuss the newest option added to rogues… the Soulknife.

Alright folks, you know the drill. Wizards of the Coast just dropped newest Unearthed Arcana and with it come three new subclasses as well some very interesting spells. In this first article we will only cover the Soulknife Rogue but do stay tuned for two more articles discussing the remaining material for this UA.

Roguish Archetype: the Soulknife

First off I have to say that as someone with a very clear disposition for playing rogues, I really like the flavor that this one brings and I think it pairs well with some of the spells that already exist in the game, you know, in cause you want to try multiclassing the Soulknife.

At 3rd level we get Psychic Blade, which basically gives us access to 1d6 psychic daggers. Mechanically, everything still works the same except you do have to invest that initial bonus action to summon your weapons. From a roleplay perspective it’s important to note that the favor text for this class does point out that these psychic knives don’t leave any traces behind and I’m already seeing a bunch of different scenarios where this could come in very handy.

At 3rd level you get Psionic Enhancement. Making use of this feature allows us to pick from three different effects a the end of every long rest. The first option on our hands is a pretty measly added +5 to walking speed but I guess that sometimes rogues do gotta go fast. The second option and perhaps strongest of the tree is an added INT+rogue level boost to your pool of hit points. Yeah, you heard that right, not temporary hit point… we’re talking about the real deal here. Last but not least you could instead choose a Telepathic communication link that can be activated with any creature within 30ft of us as long as they can speak at least one language.

Suck it, Great Old One.

At 9th level Soulknife monks become even edgier and spookier. So spooky in fact that your Psychic Blades now impose a WIS save and the frightened condition on a fail of it. This could be a great way to get that sneak attack on opportunity attacks as your victim attempts to flee buuuut I’m guessing everything running away from you might get a little fit tiring after a while.

For their level 17th feature Soulknife rogues become even more lethal. Using your action you attempt to pierce straight through an enemies mind that is within 30ft of you and impose an INT saving throw (target has disadvantage if you’re hidden). On a fail the target takes a big old 12d6 psychic damage and is stunned until the start of your next turn. Only downsides to this ability are the fact that one of your blades banishes as use it and that you do have a limited number of uses dictated by your INT mod.

Speaking of Intelligence, I must say that I’m actually pretty happy WoTC expanding on subclasses that make a use of it as it is often one of two dump stats of choice.

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