The Forge:Bracers of Recall

In this week’s forge we join Orik Flamebeard the blacksmith as he cooks up another crazy fan submitted idea, this time from Tracer in the game Overwatch.

Another crazy adventurer came into my shop the other day and said “Orik my favorite character in Overwatch is Tracer, the way she zips back and forth and recalls back in time is so cool! Can you make me an item that lets me do that?” I slammed down my fist and demanded to know what Overwatch was and then we drew up some blueprints.

Bracelet of Recall

Wonderous item, rare (attunement)

This bracelet allows the wearer to teleport back through time & space to a previous location.
This bracelet has 3 charges. The wearer can use a charge as a bonus action to cast the Misty Step spell with no components or spell slots. The wearer can only teleport in a straight line up to the range of the spell or to a place that they have been to in the last 6 seconds (1 round ago).
The charges reset at dawn.

Cheers love! Calvary’s here!

Smith’s Notes

I already had an idea to make a temporary use item that would allow a wizard friend of mine to misty step around without having to use the energy of a spell slot; so when this adventurer came to me with this idea I simply repurposed it to fit the theme. If you are just starting out this item might be a tad strong, so Smiths consider giving this some unreplenishable charges instead. If you are much stronger and later on in your adventures, then Smiths consider replenishment on a short rest. If you’re making this for an adventurer that wants to feel like a cool time shifting badass then have at it. This can easily be restructured to be less thematic and more of a useful item for a caster in any campaign. In the meantime make sure to…keep calm and Tracer on…

There I said it, can I have my gold piece now?

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