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Welcome to Starter’s Guide. Come on in and learn about the battlefield dominating, multi-attacking, sword wielding, never quitting…


Welcome all, Starter’s Guide is meant to help brand new players to D&D who want to play but don’t want an overwhelming amount of information. We will break down the main classes in D&D for all you new players looking to build a character.

Class talk

Fighters can be built in a variety of ways and can be often adjusted to your liking, be it a strength based fighter who wields a greatsword, greataxe, or polearm or a dexterity based fighter who uses a bow and shortswords, or scimitars. Either way fighter’s excel at…well…fighting. They make great commanders, heroes, and warriors. Be them young or old they are often backed with a great deal of skill.

Stat Allocation

When making a character you can use something called Standard Array:
15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. Using these numbers you can pair them with these six attributes; Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, & Charisma. These determine your characters stats. But you don’t want to just throw them anywhere randomly, you need them in places that make sense to your class and character.

So each of the numbers above can be paired with each attribute, putting your highest numbers with the attributes that are most important to the class and character.

The main stat of a Fighter is most often determined by Dexterity or Strength; you need to decide if you want your fighter to be muscle bound or lithe and quick, this will determine your highest stat. At level 3 Fighters have the choice to learn magic, if you choose this one then also consider using a high Intelligence. As for the 2nd highest, you guessed it, use Constitution for that HP boost. Otherwise the rest of the stats can go to any of the remaining attributes. Here are two examples of Fighters.

Example Dexterity Fighter

Strength= 8

Dexterity= 15

Constitution= 14

Intelligence= 10

Wisdom= 13

Charisma= 12

Example Strength Fighter

Strength= 15

Dexterity= 8

Constitution= 14

Intelligence= 13 

Wisdom= 12

Charisma= 10

Race Options

The beautiful thing about fighters is that quite literally any race can play them because you can build them so many different ways. If you have a charismatic and fast fighter, elves, half-elves, and humans make for great choices. If you have a strength based fighter than Half-Orcs, Shield Dwarves, and many others. The best way to pick one is to base them off of the stats you chose for them. And again, this is just if you want to get the most out of your stats, it is perfectly fine to pick a race that doesn’t quite fit because you envision a specific character and race.

Tips, Tricks, & Roles

As a fighter you have two jobs; 1. Keep your allies safe, 2. Destroy the enemies. It may seem straightforward and simple but this will often mean you need to dash back and forth through the battlefield. You will have to decide in a moment if it is more important to absolutely wreck the enemy wizard before they can do anything or keep the enemy barbarian out of reach from your casters. You alone have the power to turn the tides of any combat. Your allies will depend on you and the best part is, all you have to do is hit things…just make sure it’s the right things. All your abilities tend to make you even better at doing what you do; and what you do is kill things really really well. 

Tip, you can build your character in so many different ways. You can be a commander that calls out commands to allies, you can be a defender that prevents enemies from getting closer to your allies, you can be a nuke who takes out an enemy with a flurry of serious damage dealing attacks, you can unleash a flurry of powerful arrow attacks, or you can be a polearm master who keeps all enemies at bay before they even get close to you. There really is no wrong way to build a fighter.

If you’re a beginner this is one of the simplest of classes to understand but if you’re a veteran you will know that this class has a great many nuisances that make it just as fun to play the 20th time as it was the first. Fighters sometimes get a bad rap for being cheesy, easy and stale; but it is always fun to play and it never lets you down. Playing a fighter allows you to be the hero you always dreamed of being so if you’re a beginner then take up this class and never look back.

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