Starter’s Guide: Barbarian

Welcome to our first class in Starter’s Guide. Come on in and learn up on the heavy weapon wielding, rage unleashing, punishment enduring…


Welcome back everyone! We took a little break but we are back and ready with the D&D knowledge. Here is the first of one of our new series, Starter’s Guide.

Starter’s Guide  is meant to help brand new D&D players who want to play but don’t want an overwhelming amount of information. We will break down the main classes in the game for all you new players looking to build a character.

Class talk

Barbarians are what we call damage sponges. They are meant to soak up all the damage so that the very squishy casters don’t have to. They prefer to not wear armor and use a big two handed weapon to hit with, and boy do they hit hard. Relying on the power of pure adrenaline and rage, Barbarians are able to enter a trance that allows them to do a little more damage and withstand a lot more punishment. There are a large variety of ways to build a Barbarian but the same thing always remains true, hit hard and get hit often.

Stat Allocation

When making a character you can use something called Standard Array:
15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. Using these numbers you can pair them with these six attributes; Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, & Charisma. These determine your characters stats. But you don’t want to just throw them anywhere randomly, you need them in places that make sense to your class and character.

So each of the numbers above can be paired with each attribute, putting your highest numbers with the attributes that are most important to the class and character.

The main stats of a Barbarian are Strength and Constitution since both of these determine your strength and health. Your lowest stats would go in things you won’t really need to use, for a barbarian that is almost always Intelligence. The remaining stats can go wherever you like; Dexterity for speed, Wisdom for empathy & senses, and Charisma for leaders, the well spoken, and the attractive. Here is one example of what your base stats could look like.

Strength= 15

Dexterity= 13


Intelligence= 8

Wisdom= 12

Charisma= 10

Race Options

If you don’t know what races to choose to fit a Barbarian then look no further. Many races can pair with barbarian so don’t be afraid to experiment. However, the best options by far are Human, Shield Dwarves, Dragonoborn, Goliath, and of course Half-Orcs. Any race that gives a plus to Strength or Constitution is a perfect choice, so any race that gives both is destined to be paired with Barbarians. Half-Orc are particularly nice since they are hard to kill. Each race comes with specific points that can increase the stats you already allocated.

Tips, Tricks, & Roles

Don’t forget to Rage. You only get a limited amount per day so make sure to use these on big encounters, versus bosses, or if you know you have another rage to spare. But try not to be too stingy with them either. While raging you mustn’t forget that it drops if you don’t try to attack someone or if someone doesn’t try to attack you. 

Barbarians are meant to get hit, they get the most HP out of any class and they are meant to use that to their benefit. For that reason try to keep your AC under 17, at least in the early to mid levels.  You want to entice the enemy to hit you over your allies but not make it so easy that they can always hit you. Having an AC of about 15-16 is probably the sweet spot. When you get the ability reckless attack it will make your attacks have a better chance to hit with the downside of making it easier for all of your enemies, on their next turn, to hit you as well. This ability can be used to bait the enemy into attacking you over your fellow casters. So if they are ever in danger, unleash a reckless attack and get the enemies attention all on you.

To Close it Out

Lastly this is just a beginners guide, you don’t have to follow anything to the letter; we are simply here to try and help. If you’re a Barbarian then you are expected to be at the front making sure the damage is directed your way, so make sure to be the wall of meat between your allies and their enemies.

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