Spell Archive: Dimension Door (Witcher Week)

You don’t have to smell of berries and lilacs to cast cool spells. Join us today in our Witcher Week entry for Spell Archive as we discuss Dimension Door.

It is Tuesday and you know what that means! We have a brand-new addition to our Spell Archive, and since it’s Witcher Week, we thought we’d take a look at some of the spells that make casters the Witcherverse especial. Beware! Here be spoilers!

Dimension Door

4th Level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 500 feet

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

Classes: Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

You teleport yourself from your current location to any other spot within range. You arrive at exactly the spot desired. It can be a place you can see, one you can visualize, or one you can describe by stating distance and direction, such as “200 feet straight downward” or “upward to the northwest at a 45-degree angle, 300 feet.”

You can bring along objects as long as their weight doesn’t exceed what you can carry. You can also bring one willing creature of your size or smaller who is carrying gear up to its carrying capacity. The creature must be within 5 feet of you when you cast this spell.

If you would arrive in a place already occupied by an object or a creature, you and any creature traveling with you each take 4d6 force damage, and the spell fails to teleport you.

Spell Talk

This is definitely one of the bread and butter spells of Dungeons and Dragons. Got a locked gate? Dimension Door. Trapped in a prison cell? Dimension Door. Have to get across an old rickety bridge while a Roper is attacking your friends? Dimension door.

Of course no one spell is perfect (ELDRITCH BLAST) and there are certainly a couple of downsides to this one like only being able to teleport one other willing creature and the limitation on size but, for a 4th level spell I think most people would agree it’s worth it.

While 500ft is plenty to get you out of a tough circumstance or give the caster a head start against classes and races with added movement speed, it’s not quite enough to truly abuse of the spell and still leaves plenty room for other choices like Teleportation and Misty Step.

Another point in favor of this spell is simply how easily available it is; if we count Trickery Clerics and Oath of Vengeance Paladins there’s only a couple of classes that are unable to access it altogether. Not to mention that only requiring a verbal component makes this spell that much better for our shield bearing or dual wielding friends who don’t have to drop their weapons to cast it.

Tips and Tricks

Look, as much as I know that it is the glue that holds this spell together and stops it from becoming extremely overpowered… I really wish I could use it to pick up random baddies and drop them from 500ft above, but alas. Here are some other ideas though:

  • Got a small size party member? Why not temporarily put them in the party’s Bag of Holding for a free ride through your Dimension Door? There’s absolutely nothing in the rules that can stop this, technically. Rules as written, your handy Bag of Holding contains enough oxygen in it for a single creature to live on for up to ten minutes. That’s more than enough to get through the Dimension Door.
  • So remember how I was just complaining about not being able to drop monsters from the sky? Well, technically you can as long as you successfully charm them into following you through. Alternatively, consider carrying a bunch of pebbles or sharp objects, opening a Dimension Door above your enemies, going through and just dumping a bucket of knives on the baddies. Just don’t forget to cast Feather Falling on yourself right after.


Aha! After multiple banners with the Witcher schools we finally get to the section where we get to discuss how all of this relates to the Witcher. Once again spoiler alert for those of you still watching the show.

While Geralt himself is obviously unable to open portals and whatnot, most Mages, especially those trained in Aretuza, openly wield this power in both the games and TV show. And although repeatedly opening portals seems to take a toll on Yennefer in the TV show, her video game counterpart can be seen using them for tasks as simple as reappearing on the other side of a ditch so she doesn’t have to dirty her dress.

Here are my arguments on why you should use a reflavored Dimension Door for this purpose rather than sticking to something else like Teleportation or Misty Step:

1- Misty Step is too short range and it doesn’t have quite the same flavor, although there’s nothing stopping you from using both spells to represent the same ability.

2-While Teleport compares a bit better when it comes to both the number of targets and range, it also takes a 7th level spell slot to do so, which means you won’t be able to do the cool thing Yennefer does in the show where she keeps opening new portals over and over again.

Ultimately, I think Dimension Door is one of the most popular and useful teleportation spells for a reason; compared to other spells that yield similar results, it is a pretty low cost- high pay, and the obvious choice to many. That said, if you’re looking to fully convey a similar effect to that of the Witcher series, it might be a good idea to pick up a couple of other teleportation spells to simulate the different levels of it.

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