Spell Archive: Demiplane

Hello everyone! Today we crack back open the Spell Archive and pull out a big on! Join us as we look at our highest level spell yet! Make some room for Demiplane!

Hello everybody and welcome back to another Spell Archive! I wasn’t quite sure what to do for today, so we rolled for it and I was casually reminded of a particular 8th level spell I adore, but one I actually haven’t been able to use! Let’s take a look at Demiplane!


8th Level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 60 feet

Duration: 1 Hour

You create a shadowy door on a flat solid surface that you can see within range. The door is large enough to allow Medium creatures to pass through unhindered. When opened, the door leads to a demiplane that appears to be an empty room 30 feet in each dimension, made of wood or stone. When the spell ends, the door disappears, and any creatures or objects inside the demiplane remain trapped there, as the door also disappears from the other side.

Each time you cast this spell, you can create a new demiplane, or have the shadowy door connect to a demiplane you created with a previous casting of this spell. Additionally, if you know the nature and contents of a demiplane created by a casting of this spell by another creature, you can have the shadowy door connect to its demiplane instead.

A bit of a fixer upper

Spell Talk

Alrighty, at this point we’re getting into spells that allow you to quite literally bend the fabric of reality. Being able to just create a room out of thin air that lasts an hour is incredibly useful, for many reasons! The aesthetics of the spell as well are some of my absolute favorites. Being able to simply point at a wall – since the spell only requires somatic components – and create a door to your own little plane of existence is so cool.

You can also make your demiplane look a little nicer! Since you can connect the demiplane to a previous casting of the spell, you could keep all of your coins in the plane, or all of the party’s weapons, magical loot, anything you can imagine. If you stumble upon a phylactery or something else you need to keep safe, you can create your very own plane for it and forget about it for the rest of time. Hopefully the lich you snatched it from won’t have demiplane as well and know how to connect to yours!

Tips and Tricks

Honestly the amount of things you can do with a demiplane is limited to your own imagination. Storing anything and everything in there is an option, as the room is as big as 30×30 and you can end up having a Minecraft chest collection as you organize what is in each demiplane. One trick you could do if you’re fine with not using 7th level spell slots the next day is create your demiplane, take a long rest and relax in there, then plane shift your way out of there! If your DM is kind enough, they’ll let you use the demiplane spell to connect your demiplane to the material plane. However, I wouldn’t bank on that because it doesn’t say so explicitly in the spell.

Another Tip is that the demiplane traps anyone inside of it after the spell ends. Therefore, if you can manage to get an enemy inside of the demiplane around the time the spell ends, you’ll never have to worry about that enemy again! You can also use this if you need to hide someone, as long as they have enough food to last until the next day where you can bring them out. Likewise, if you want to go into an area and sneak something inside, demiplane is your spell! Perhaps you can keep backup arcane foci, weapons, armor, etc for your party in case you guys are in a pickle.

With a little work and care, your demiplane can be your personal retreat


As easily as you can change your room around, you can change your demiplane around. You could ask your DM to change it from a shadowy door to something that fits your character better. The interior is pretty set in stone, but you can very quickly modify it with other spells or furniture even to make it just your own.

Thank you all for tagging along for another Spell Archive! We appreciate having you all here and hope that you’ll be back next week to see what we’ve got in store! Feel free to give us a follow on our social media to keep up to date with all of our new articles 🙂

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