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Let’s be honest, if given the chance I think we would all choose to play our sessions in person around a real life table. Unfortunately, that is simply not a possibility for many people. But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous VTTs…

Oof, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to write anything other than our Daily Monster series, but this has been an article that has been on my list of things to write about for quite some time. A couple of months ago we covered roll20 and the reasons why it might just be the best thing for those of us on weird time zones or working odd hours. Hopefully by now you will all have had the chance to give it a spin on our own, but if not, do go check out our article over here.

Finished reading that one? Excellent. Allow me to introduce you to the next step up for your roll20 experience: the Roll20 Enhancement Suite, or R20ES.

What it is…

As described on their website, r20es is a “quality of life and workflow extension”, which is a fancy way of saying that a browser add-on made to facilitate and enhance everyday usage roll20’s virtual tabletop (VTT).

By installing this browser extension you’ll gain access to a good dozen or so incredibly handy tools that will make you wonder how you could have used r20 without them at all. Trust me, I’ve been using r20es for a few months now and just last weekend I found myself having to DM without it, and let me tell you… it was terrible going back to the regular VTT.

The great thing about it too is that you are able to pick and choose from which tools and setting you want to active. It is fully customizable and comes with plenty sliders and check boxes for you to test out.

Although not affiliated with Roll20, it is an open source project that welcomes anyone to take a look at its code. If you’d be interested in checking out some lines, you can head over to GitHub and do so.

What it does…

Alright, this is a long list but here are some of my personal highlights:

-Disable drawing: Ever had a player vandalize your map while waiting for their turn? Maybe took a bathroom break and came back to a landing page full of dicks? Well, never again! This option disables the drawing/text tools for any players that might be abusing their powers.

Adjustable opacity: not only can you adjust the opacity of your GM layers, but can adjust the opacities of any and all windows and character sheets you have open!

It’s so beautiful :’)

Display current layer: I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve forgotten on which layer I am or struggled to find where on earth I put a specific token, but not anymore!

-Better token statuses and token menu: It’s so neat and clean and you can even choose between a standard and a compact version.

-Alternative Page toolbar: Actually just sooooo much better and easier to use it makes me wonder how this guy hasn’t been hired by roll20.

Goodbye scrolling for 5 solid minutes!

Auto Initiative tracker sorter: Never sort initiative again!

-Bulk macros: Roll initiative for all your 10 different types of goblin with a single click.

-Animated maps: YEAH. THEY MOVE. THERE’S SOUND AND EVERYTHING. Don’t believe me??? Look at this:

…anyway. Before I lose my cool again, just know that this add-on comes loaded with many, many other useful tools that will save you sooo much time and make your roll20 experience a lot better.

How to get it…

If you’ve decided to at least give it a try, which I highly recommend, you can head over to their website and follow the instructions there. As of right now r20es is only available on Chrome and Firefox, but who know what the future holds.

As a heads up, although the Firefox installation is extremely quick and easy, getting r20es on Chromes does take a couple of steps. Just to make sure all was well before writing this article, I did test it on both Firefox and Chrome and can say that it still runs smoothly regardless of which browser you choose play on.

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