Popcharacter Maker Vol. 3: Santa Claus

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Welcome to the first holiday edition of Popcharacter Maker. Something to help you get in the mood for the season and prepare for when the big red man comes down your chimney, or however it’s supposed to happen now.

Santa Claus is certainly an unorthodox character to want to play in Dungeons and Dragons, but just in case you want to, here’s what I would do for it.

First, lets looks at what Santa is capable of. Throughout the years, and many different versions of movie Santa we’ve seen, there are a couple things that are always present with Santa. The most important thing for our version of him is that he is magical. What his magic does is something that has never remained consistent other than being able to convince adults that he doesn’t exist. For this reason, I would consider him an enchantment specialist, as it would require some powerful enchantments to convince a few billion people that you are fake. He also dabbles in divinations. He does see you when you’re sleeping, after all.

Another important part of Santa is his personality. He is always jolly, giving, and the literal embodiment of Christmas spirit. Given these two details, I think that our best choice for Santa’s class is Bard, a caster defined by their personality.

However we can’t forget a third important part of Santa, he is quiet, fast, and can handle lots of presents really quickly. For this reason, I would say that he is also at least a level 3 Thief Rogue. For a final build of Bard 17 Thief Rogue 3. Which Bardic College you choose doesn’t matter much.

Seeing as how St. Nick is a catholic saint, acolyte is probably the best bet for his background.

Because I want this edition of Popcharacter Maker to be a little more laid back, I’m not going to be doing as intensive of a breakdown as I normally would. But here are a couple things to consider when making your Santa:

  • Charisma is his highest stat by far, followed by Dexterity. Constitution is also a good one to get decently high because of all of those Christmas cookies he stomachs like a champ.
  • His magic is mysterious and powerful, and there is certainly a focus on charms and divinations. Some spells you might want to look at include:
    Charm Person
    Pass Without Trace
    Dimension Door (for when there isn’t a chimney)
    Find Greater Steed (Flying Reindeer, obviously)
    Modify Memory

With Jack of all Trades and two sets of Expertise, you’re going to be a skill master. Fast Hands and Second-Story Work granted to you by the Thief Roguish Archetype will make getting in and out of houses quickly a lot easier.

Other than this, how you would play Santa is mostly down to the roleplay. It’s difficult to capture Santa Claus on paper of how big a deal he is to so many kids. He is a cheerful, friendly, giving man, and the perfect embodiment of what Christmas means. it’s up to you to capture that.

This doesn’t really feel like the right place for this, but I want to say something, given the date. I genuinely wish every one of our readers a merry Christmas, and happy holiday season. I hope things go well for you.

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