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Today on our return to Pop Character Maker, we’re learning how to build Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox from League of Legends!

Hello all! Today is going to be our third entry into the Pop Character Maker series, under a new author and hopefully we will be able to update you guys weekly with some awesome new character ideas! Today we’ll be creating Ahri from League of Legends, a personal favorite of mine and inspiration for a character I am currently playing. Let’s get to it!

Background and Planning

Ahri is a champion in League of Legends, a popular MOBA that chances are you’ve probably heard of. The game hosts almost 150 unique champions with their own set of abilities and stories. Ahri in particular is what is called a vastaya, a race of animal-human hybrids that tap into the latent power of the world and use it to fuel their magics. She appears as a humanoid with fox ears, whiskers, and nine tails and carries with her an orb of raw magic, which she uses to channel her magics.

Now while the game itself only affords each champion 4 abilities, a little look into their backstory provides all of the information we’ll need to build our character. Ahri puts a special emphasis on charming magic and emotional manipulation so that she can harvest the soul essence of her victims. While you don’t have to make your iteration of Ahri so nefarious, consider thinking about why she would specialize in charming magics/emotional control spells.

Ahri is also known to be very dexterous and extremely charismatic, which combined with her innate understanding of magic lends her towards a Sorcerer or Warlock class. Both are charisma classes, and while sorcerer is thematically the most fitting, we’ll see how one particular Warlock subclass fits everything she is and provides you with tools to make Ahri feel as close to her in game and lore counterpart.

With all that planning and a little introduction into her background done, let’s get to actually building Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox!

Careful, she may harvest your soul essence before you can even realize

The Build

Our build will be starting out at level 1, where we take our first level into Sorcerer. For race we’ll be going with Half-Elf, as they share a chimeric bloodline similar to the Vastaya. Ask your DM if maybe you can move those pointy ears you get to the top of your head and cover them in some fur. More importantly, the race gives you a solid +2 to Charisma and we’ll be putting our two +1s into Dexterity – because of how lithe and nimble Ahri is – and Wisdom, because it governs the insight skill and is often connected to emotional understanding, which Ahri is quite proficient in. For our extra language we’ll take Sylvan, because it seems to be the most fitting language and for the two skills we’ll be taking Sleight of Hand and Acrobatics.

As we go into Sorcerer, our subclass is going to take an interesting turn and go into Storm Sorcerer. Their level 1 ability fits her ult, letting you “dash” after you cast a spell and fitting the same aspect of mobility and repositioning as Spirit Rush. Maybe you can talk to your DM where you can reskin the Sorcerous Origin to fit the character better, but mechanically I think this is the most fitting Sorcerer subclass and we do have to pick one! With your two proficiencies throw them into Persuasion and Insight because of her charming nature and for your first two spells pick up Magic Missile and Charm Person. Magic missile is akin to her W ability, Fox Fire. With this, you can reskin it to make the missiles orbit around yourself as three motes of fire before they launch off and do their damage. Charm person fits the character’s well… charming personality and use of magic to charm enemies! As for cantrips, fire bolt never hurt anyone and is the most fitting for her auto attacks, prestidigitation for minor magical effects, friends because Ahri relies on people letting their guard down before she goes in for the kill, and dancing lights, because why not? You can switch the 4th cantrip for whatever you like.

Charmed, I’m sure

For stats, we’ll assume the use of Standard Array. Put your highest score into Dexterity, and after the Half Elf ASI you’ll have a solid 16 in the stat. Your next highest placement will be the 14 into Charisma, which is also boosted to a 16 with your racial ASI. From there we’ll place our 13 into Wisdom, our 12 into Constitution, our 10 into Intelligence, and our 8 into Strength.

For your background, take the Outlander Background as it is the most fitting for a Vastaya raised by a pack of ice wolves. Here you can afford to be a bit creative in your tool and language proficiency. Use them for fitting languages for the campaign, your own personal favorite language/tool, etc etc.

Pick up Equipment as opposed to gold and grab a weapon, an Arcane Focus – an orb would be the most fitting – and an explorer’s pack.

Level Progression

Your level progression will stay on Sorcerer for a few levels. At level 2 pick up chromatic orb, as it fits her Orb of Deception ability. If you don’t have a 50 gp diamond, opt in for Chaos Bolt instead.

At level 3, grab the suggestion spell and now you get to pick your metamagics! Mechanically, Ahri does more damage to charmed targets, so you can pick up Empowered Spell to reflect her increased damage. She also does a solid job of bursting down enemies, so picking up Quickened Spell can give you the feeling of dashing in and melting an enemy before making a quick get away.

Star Guardian Ahri really fits the charismatic, crazy pretty sorcerer...

At level 4, use your Ability Score Increase and pump it into Charisma. Not only is this your main casting stat, but we know by now that Ahri is a charismatic powerhouse, and this will help all your proficiencies and increase your chance to charm enemies with spells. Also use your spell for that level to pick up misty step, which adds to your mobility and helps to fit the character better.

At level 5, we’ll take our last level into Sorcerer for a while. We do this for 3rd level spells, and we have a few options here. You can go the damage route and reskin a lightning bolt into an empowered Orb of Deception, you can take hypnotic pattern to lean more into the charming aspect of Ahri, you could even take blink to mimic her ultimate ability even more. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Level 6 brings us our first level into Warlock. Ahri’s background mentions a fox demon, and while it is assumed it is her, you can also easily interpret it as an entity that perhaps makes use of the souls she harvests. Talk with your DM to make this multiclass work, and if they’re not too strict on it, more power to you! We’re going to be going into Archfey Warlock as they are focused on the same thing as Ahri: emotional manipulation, charming, fear, all of those good things. Pick up eldritch blast and minor illusion for your cantrips, or if you want to stick with fire bolt you can pick up something in lieu of eldritch blast. For spells, take hex to show that damage amplification she gets and faerie fire because it matches the aesthetic of mystical fox fire.

but Elderwood Ahri may fit the Archfey aesthetic a bit more. The choice is yours!

Now, from here on out you have many options. If you opted in for eldritch blast, maybe take Agonizing Blast and Lance of Lethargy for your invocations. By now we have a decent idea of what this character is all about, so if you wanted to take other invocations, knock yourself out! Pick spells like cause fear, calm emotions, hold person, etc.

The last specific I’ll get into is your Pact Boon at level 3. It’s hard to really choose one because none of them are super fitting, but Pact of the Chain will grant you a familiar. In her Star Guardian skin, she does have a little partner she fights with and the summoner spell Summon Aery also gives you a little companion, so feel free to mix and match, figure out exactly what you like, and move forward!

Speaking of Moving Forward

Now that we’re pretty much up to level 8, feel free to take spells and abilities that you feel fit the motif of Ahri. Hopefully by now you feel like you’ve done a good job playing her and getting used to her. I’d recommend spells like dominate person/monster, detect thoughts, hold monster, far step, similar spells that provide some control and mobility. Your ability to do damage will come from your quickened spells as well as eldritch blast.

Put your remaining ASIs into Charisma until it gets to 20, then Dexterity or Consitution if you feel like you need some more health.

There’s no wrong way to progress your Sorcerer or Warlock levels, but personally I’d try and start off with a 5/5 split. Getting that 20 in Charisma early is very important, and those 3rd level spell slots whether it’s Pact Magic or Spellcasting are very useful. With all the spell slots you’ll probably have an abundance of sorcery points to augment your lower level spells.

Anyway, that’s about all I have! I appreciate all of you who looked through this article and are interested. This is my first entry into this series and I think I’ll be taking it over, so if you have feedback or would like to criticize how long it is, if I missed some details, etc, feel free to comment either on the article or in the forums. Thank you so much again and best of luck on building Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox!

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