Popcharacter Maker Volume One: Intro and Rayla

Hello and welcome to the first article of Lich Lair’s new recurring column: Popcharacter Maker. In this series I, Amara Balkrana, will be sharing some of my favorite characters from pop culture, and showing you how to make playable versions of them in 5e D&D! There is a lot of things out there that you can draw inspiration from to make characters that are interesting to play both mechanically speaking and in their story.

The importance of maps

Alright, you’ve spent the last couple of hours preparing for this week’s session. You have the monsters, the plot, the npcs, and all the other bits and bops that go into three to four hours of pure fun. All you need to do now is find the perfect map. But what exactly makes a map “perfect”?

Nat 20!…on initiative

There’s no better feeling than getting a natural twenty in the last combat of the day, as you’re about to fight the big bad evil of the campaign… unless, of course, you get that nat20 on your initiative.