In Defense of Fighters Everywhere

Hey all, today we talk about why Fighters are great and not the boring, magic hating stereotype that everyone thinks they are.

Hey all, Drazzt here again. Look, before I came down here into the lair I had a tribe. Sadly they were all killed by a group of adventurers. I saw some get disintegrated, some torn apart by barbaric rage, and still others mauled by a wolf while its owner filled my friends with arrows. But there was one man, one man who put my friends down clean. One with such martial prowess, that all I could do was stand in awe and watch. This one goes out to all you fighters.

Look, it’s rough being the party fighter, both in and out of game. In game you have to share cool magic items with the ranger and the barbarian and all you can is watch as your casters get stronger and stronger. While it’s true they could cast Haste on you, help you out with things like Hold Person, or give you a magic weapon, in their eyes all they see is fireball. It kind of sucks to see yourself hitting for 10 damage a hit while the paladin crits for 100 damage at level 5. Out of game, you get made fun of because your human fighter is “unoriginal” and if you have a good excuse for your character hating magic, you get made fun of because that’s so “stereotypical.” But I, Drazzt the Goblin, am here to let you all know that you’re amazing.

Now, let it be known that the Fighter is actually one of my favorite classes. I think what makes the fighter so amazing is their versatility in game. People crap on fighters because they get so many ASIs, but I believe that they need that many ASIs in order to distinguish themselves as a character! Are they a spear and shield wielding defensive tank that will never let another enemy get to their casters? They’re going to need feats such as Polearm Master, Shield Master, and Sentinel to be able to do that! Want to play a mobile cavalier that flies into the enemy backline and disrupts casters and flanks enemies? You’ll need your Mounted Combatant, Mage Slayer, and maybe even the Charger feat! They’ll also be needing ASIs just like any other class, increasing their Strength and Constitution.

Another thing I see people complain about is why Fighters get so many attacks. Other than Battle Master and technically the Champion, Fighters have no way to “nova” outside of their action surge ability. Classes like the Paladin get smites and multiple attacks, Rangers have many spells and abilities that buff up their damage, and Monks can throw out 4 attacks at level 5. A fighter’s main appeal is doing what they do and doing it consistently. This includes their damage, so being able to consistently hit for up to 4 times each round even after a long day seems right up their alley of abilities.

Fighters can come from all walks of life and take many appearances

Finally, there’s the out of character complaining about Fighters. Any time I say I want to play a fighter, it often gets met with “really? why don’t you play something a little more interesting?”. People seem to think that Fighters are all the same and extremely straight forward. I believe that part of this is because Fighters ARE very beginner friendly, and many times players will often start on them and want to focus more on the game than the backstory. I think Fighters actually have an extremely rich opportunity for backstory. They aren’t tied to nature like how a Druid or a Ranger are, they aren’t tied to a call to magic like Wizards, Sorcerers, or Warlocks, and they aren’t tied to a religion like a Cleric or Paladin. You can make your fighter any combination of these and more, and you can supplement that character with the various amazing subclasses and feats.

Okay all, that’ll do it for my opinions on fighters. I personally have a lot of respect for the guys and those who play them. Coming from all walks of life to pick up a life of adventuring, how great. Anyway, I’ve got some work to get back to so I’ll see all of you guys later!

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