How to Run: Silver Dragons

Hello friends. This week join me as we talk about the friendliest and most sociable good boys.

Hello friends. We have covered many of the dragons in D&D now, we are down to the last two of the metallic dragons. This week join me as we talk about the friendliest and most sociable good boys…

The Silver Dragon

What is a Silver Dragon?

A Silver Dragon is usually a kind being that enjoys being social in humanoid lives. They hold themselves to high standards of morality and believe in doing good deeds onto others as well as avoiding causing any harm on those who do not deserve it. Silver dragons prefer being in the company of humanoids but there is something about humans that really interest them. These dragons are some of the most likely to live among them in a similar form, using their change shape ability. Silver dragons prefer treasures of kingdoms long past, since it carries with it a rich history. They have respect for life and even though they do not pursue evil, they will not stand for cruelty if they witness it.

Building our Dragon

Today I want to try something a little bit different. We are going to build a dragon that is going to be corrupted by some dark entity. She will be Cheve the Mighty, but when our party faces her she will be Cheve the Corrupted. So for this build we will need two of everything.


Cheve the Mighty will speak true to her name and have a kind voice. She gets easily excited about simple human things and therefore she can be like a sort of paladin, she speaks with honor, respect, and affection.

Cheve the Corrupted will be the exact opposite, speaking with a low growl and although she will stand for honor, it will be for that of evil. Build up her growl at the back of the throat.

Speech Patterns/Cadence

Cheve the Mighty can speak with a puffed up chest and maybe express notions of justice and honor. She can roll her r’s to really capture that grander than life paladin-esque tone.

Corrupted Cheve will still roll her r’s and puff out her chest but instead all her confidence will turn to selfish boasting. Make her voice much more gruff as well.


Along with puffing out her chest she can gestuate a lot with her hands. Since she is sort of grandiose it makes sense for her to take up a lot of space when talking. She probably also can not sit still for long, constantly moving back and forth.

Corrupted Cheve can be the same however instead she can prowl back and forth as she waits impatiently for conversations to end. I recommend she still gestate a lot.


If the team can fight alongside Cheve you can just imagine how much simpler she will make the battle by paralyzing all of the enemies with her paralyzing breath and having your party swooping through and cleaning house.

Corrupted Cheve unfortunately will do the same thing, except against the party. Paralyzing the team first round she gets and then unleashing cold breath attacks after that. She can then probably 1v1 the team’s strongest member as the others recover from their paralysis. Luckily the point of this fight will not be to defeat Cheve but instead lower her HP to a point and then having the party use some trinket to help banish the corruption from their Silver friend.

Meet our Dragon

Cheve the Mighty is an ancient Silver Dragon. Early on the party discovered that the leader of the city was in fact an ancient silver dragon in disguise. They befriended her and have fought for her in order to keep justice and order. However, after an evil lich tore open a portal to the Shadowfell, Cheve used all her strength to close the portal and save the city…but she was corrupted with some dark shadows. The team was forced to flee, an allying wizard gave them a contraption that can release Cheve from her corruption but only after they fight and weaken her. But their friend is in danger therefore the team will not abandon her. Will they save Cheve and bring back her mighty self or fall victim to her new corrupted self?

In Closing

It is important, no matter what you design, to make sure it’s possible for your team to save their silver dragon friend. It should also go without saying that this makes more of an impact if you introduce this dragon as a friend earlier on in the campaign. This can make for a challenging encounter before going off to fight the BBEG. But that’s all folks, we are done. We only have one more dragon to go! Go out there and save your silver dragon allies from an ancient corruption.  But as alway remember DMs; it isn’t just your world, it isn’t just the player’s world, it’s all of yours.

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