How to Run: Gold Dragons

Hello friends. Well this is it, we have covered all of the main dragons in the Monster Manual except for one. Today we talk about the majestic and sage-like dragons in the world of D&D, I of course mean none other than…

Wizard Charlie here and I am a little sad to say we have finally reached the end of the How to Run: Dragons series. But I won’t let it stop me from doing the best I can! Let’s build our dragon together. Gold Dragon here we come.

The Gold Dragon

What is a Gold Dragon?

Gold Dragons are considered the most fair and wise among their peers, but they are also known to be loners. They aren’t generally seen hanging around other dragons but have been known to take the form of humanoids and animals on occasion. They are willing to stay in disguise for days at a time to keep up the ruse and will likely never reveal its true nature. They like to help in small & quiet unseen ways, providing hope and aid to others. And the final fun fact, they like to eat pearls and gems…so bring plenty of those.

Building our Dragon

Let’s finish this off right and make our gold dragon an ancient one. We shall call him Gelris the Wise. Maybe in his youth he walked the world in guises, helping out in little ways but over time he grew tired of the world and now he keeps to himself in the mountains. Adventurers may often seek his sage advice.


Being an old & surly man he should probably have the dragon voice of …well, an old & surly man. But there should also be a softness to him after he has warmed up to the party, you can capture this with a softer tone and a simple but reluctant smile.

Speech Patterns/Cadence

Seeing as how Gelris is a very ancient dragon he would most likely speak with a very slow tone. He has learned to be patient, even though he will be grumpy at first. But you can show that slow tone even when he is being grumpy by never raising his tone of voice too high, deep down he is a big teddy bear.

I’m trying to nap!”


Gelris is probably very tired, all the time. You can capture this by having him constantly laying on his front arms trying to catch some zzzs here and there. Maybe he speaks with his eyes closed and only really opens them when he is annoyed or someone gets his attention and even then he only opens one eye. Any great big movement should be reserved for something that matters and for people that matter. So if the party is kind to him or he is taken by their words, maybe he actually gets up and moves around when talking to them from that point on.


Gelris is too tired to do any fighting, so any form of aggressive acts could be met with a weakening breath, to show that he doesn’t want to fight. But I doubt your party would attack him just for being grumpy. So instead focus on the grumpy nature as his form of weapons. Each thing said can be met with a grumble or a huff or an occasional eye roll. After he warms up to them he can still be grumpy but instead give a playful smile. If he fights alongside them then he would use the weakening breath to open up any combat and then follow up by focusing the most evil creature on the field, since vanquishing the evil would be the quickest way to fair justice.

Meet our Dragon

Every adventurer, king, and pauper have heard of Gelris the Wise. They say when you meet him he gives you the exact answer for any question you have. So when the King hired an adventuring group to go climb the mountain and speak with the Gold Dragon on his behalf, they didn’t expect to meet a grumpy Ancient Dragon. He continues to urge them out of his home, offering “rare” magic items if they simply leave him alone. But after refusing gifts in pursuit of aid for the good King’s word he softens, slightly. He is surprised by their lack of greed and after a few kind gestures from the party and a nice relaxing tea with the party druid he softens further. Until, he is willing to listen to them, offer advice, and maybe help defeat a growing evil. As long as it is all genuine kindness. If they want his aid they will need to be truthful and genuine.

In Closing

With that we have finished the last of the Dragons for ‘How to Run’. Gold Dragons are known for being wise and fair, adding a little grumpiness makes them feel more human. Don’t go as far as making them cruel, mean, or hateful because then why do you have evil dragons for? They should represent the epitome of good dragons in nature, seeing as how the dragon king Bahamut is said to always have guards of gold dragons at his side against evil. You can subvert expectations by building him up as this all knowing wise creature by the king and city and have them meet this very ‘human’ grumpy dragon. And that’s it friends; so go out there, have a blast being a grumpy yet caring old Gold dragon, and give your players the time of their lives. But above all remember as always DM’s it isn’t just your world, it isn’t just the player’s world, it’s all of yours.

Take care of it together.

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