How to Run: Copper Dragons

We’ve talked about all the chromatic dragons in the Monster Manual, and we’ve done a general overview of metallic dragons, now join us as we look over the never ending chaotic pranksters of the dragon world

Welcome back all! We’ve talked about all the chromatic dragons in the Monster Manual, and we’ve done a general overview of metallic dragons, now join us as we look over the never ending chaotic pranksters of the dragon world

The Copper Dragon

What is a Copper Dragons?

When I first learned there was a metallic dragon out there that enjoyed playing tricks on people almost as much as it enjoyed hiding its treasure, I couldn’t believe it; and that’s what these jokers are known for. Copper dragons are incurable jokesters and will often send adventurers on wild goose chases just for a good laugh. They love riddles, a quick wit, fun tales and most of all a good joke. However, these dragons covet bards most of all; so much so that they are willing to make a temporary space in their lair to house a bard. They tend to make their lairs in tight spaced caves near hillside terrains where they make fake walls and entrances which lead to their valuable treasures; meanwhile they present worthless treasures on display for those who would try to take from their hordes. But all you have to do in order to stay on their good side is laugh at their terrible dad jokes and regale them with fun stories of adventure; included in the most embarrassing moments.

Building our dragon

What better young dragon to have than one who can’t help but play tricks on the nearby settlement of humans? We shall call him Bramoss The Young.


Right away I think of a chubby cheeked little snot nosed kid that snickers every time it tells a “joke”. I say also give him a deviated septum and speak with a clogged up nose like Gretchen Grundler from recess, make him sound like the most lovable little nerd.

Speech Patterns/Cadence

Continuing the snot nose little punk route, why not actually make it so always he always has to breathe in to clear his runny nose. Also, randomly make him snicker, chuckle, and at times make it so that he sounds like he is holding in a laugh. Maybe he struggles with finishing sentences because he just can’t wait to deliver the punchline to his joke.


Let’s have our lovable prankster not just love to tell riddles, jokes, and play tricks on people but let’s also make them all bad. He just doesn’t get what actual good humor is and instead tells all kinds of puns. This gives light-hearted players/ characters a chance to give their awful dad jokes to a creature that will actually appreciate them. Let’s also make it so that he laughs so hard at these awful jokes (his own and other’s jokes) that he falls over laughing in fits full of happy dragon tears. Also, every time he is about to give a punchline he covers his snickering mouth or gives that open mouth smile of expectation. 


Outside of combat make it so that he keeps playing pranks on your adventurers and giving them easy riddles that everyone knows the answers to, promising to give them access to his “horde” if they get it right; and each time they get it right he’ll say “no that one was too easy, get another one right and then you can have treasure” but he never has any intention of giving in.

The only reason for a combat against your young dragon is if it’s part of a joke and in that circumstance it could just be part of a “challenge” that he is giving them. Blast them with a slow breath and then run off so they can give chase through a series of confusing caves, and have him constantly come back to taunt them, blast them again, and giggle off down the narrow tunnels. Then if they do decide to attack, hopefully non lethally, after it reaches half health he can stop the games and comment on them not being able to take a joke and pouting. Only to finally reveal there is no treasure…but maybe they can make a friend with him now? Maybe he can enchant magic items for them if the interaction was a positive one. Or maybe a character who is a mother figure can convince him to stop playing these jokes on the nearby town.

Meet our dragon

The nearby town has called for help from a new up and coming group of adventurers. After speaking with the contact she tells them that a demon or devil is running around wreaking havoc on the town. The adventurers go off to the nearby hills to find the fiend. They are all caught by surprise as the cleric falls into a pit trap and a nearby set of bushes bursts out into laughter. After discovering the source to be Bramoss they also find out that he has been the one causing havoc because it was all in good fun. The team asks him to stop but will only agree to it if they go on a series of quests for him. They agree and after three days of being sent from destination to destination and coming back each time empty-handed. They come back the final time and say they’ve had enough of the games and the dragon just laughs at the looks on their faces, But in good faith he will stop pestering the town and now help them out in their future endeavors, required that they have the stories, jokes, and time to pay in exchange. 

In closing

And there we have it friends, we made our  young prankster, Copper dragon. Try to remember that encounters don’t always have to be battles. And there is no better simulation of that than metallic dragons. Sure he might slow the group with their alternate breath attack and then say “it’s just a goof guys” but he wouldn’t really and truly fight the group unless his own life was in danger.

Try to play up these good creatures as such, because as fun as it is to fight dangerous monsters, it’s also fun to make a friend with a cool and silly dragon. Alright get on out there and make new friends and remember DMs it isn’t just your world, it isn’t just the player’s world, it’s all of yours. 

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