How to Run: Bronze Dragons

Last time we talked about the incurable pranksters of the metallic dragon world, this week join me as we talk about the coastal dwelling, justice dealing, badasses of the dragon world…

Welcome back everyone! Last time we talked about the incurable pranksters of the metallic dragon world, this week join me as we talk about the coastal dwelling, justice dealing, badasses of the dragon world…

The Bronze Dragon

What is a Bronze Dragon?

If you are looking for a powerful ally look no further than these noble creatures. Bronze dragons are both simple and yet intriguing (at least to me). These creatures enjoy laying on coastal regions as they watch ships sail by, on occasion they pull a little mermaid and get close to ships in order to peek in on humans (usually in the guise of an animal). They love to use their strength to fight in wars for the side of good, so if you want a loyal ally and you’ve a just cause then have a bronze dragon. They collect treasures from sunken ships, corals, and pearls; but get this, they also hoard away treasures that might otherwise be too dangerous to have out in the world. Be it a war of justice against an evil entity or a sea loving guide for your ship these dragons make for some very awesome allies.

Building our dragon

A noble creature such as this should be an adult version for the purposes of today’s article. A staunch ally in the making, we shall call him Umsheryoth The Noble or Umi for short.


It would be easy to go the route of a seafaring pirate voice but I think we should try something different. Umi can be a connoisseur of fine boats and arts instead. So why not give him a dapper gentlemanly voice with a slight gruff to add to the dragon tone.

Speech Patterns/Cadence

Being a gentleman requires a lot of respect, so I say he would give a lot of “please” and “thank you”s. On occasion blow a puff of air out through your nose to give the feeling of being in the face of a big dragon (be careful of loose boogies). 


Our Bronze dragon could do the old chin stroke when contemplating any questions. As he speaks with the party he might stay fairly still so as to not scare them with his size and movements but that means that on occasion he might excuse himself for a second to stretch out his wings or readjust his posture, maybe an occasional yawn as well. But he is ever patient and attentive to the group.


Out of combat I think he would simply talk with the party. He might get excited at the topic of any ship related things, and get even more excited at any treasures related to such matters, presented before him.

For a combat scenario he might try to test their strength especially if they are asking him for help. After all, what better way to test someone’s heart and intentions than through combat? During the sparring match he can taunt them with a simple “Is that all you got?” as well as encourage them with a “ohhh that one hurt, well done!” He would use his lightning breath sparingly and rely more on his repulsion breath to push the team away and test their endurance against him and once they are all down (non lethally), or he reaches half health, he ends the battle. The beauty of this being that either way he can lend his aid to them if they aren’t evil, since they proved their mettle by standing up against him and not backing down.

Meet our dragon

A kingdom has had issues with an enemy nation that is trying to expand and take over their lands. It has reached a dangerous point and the king is desperate for help. He hires a group of adventurers to try and get the aid of a dragon that has been rumored to live close by. The group goes by boat to the nearby lair of this dragon, after a treacherous journey they have come to Umsheryoth for his aid. He listens to them patiently and mentions the constant struggles of men and their wars. “How do I know yours is a just cause?” After a conversation with the kind Umsheryoth he decides to test their will through combat. He lets them choose the arena, be it in the cave or outside. During the battle he sees how they fight and decides if they are worthy of his aid.

In closing

So there we have it friends, we made our noble Bronze dragon. This may be one of the few times your party can actually battle it out with an adult bronze dragon so make it a fun one. And having a battle that is less about life and death, for once, and more about trying to earn a powerful ally carries a different kind of tension. This can be one of the few times where death is off the table and they can focus more on winning for a good cause. And by the end they might make a lifelong friend; and that my friends is something they will never forget. Alright everyone go out there and earn the aid of all the dragons you can. But as always remember DMs; it isn’t just your world, it isn’t just the player’s world, it’s all of yours. 

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