How to Run: Brass Dragons

Welcome back all. We’ve talked about a few interesting metallic dragons in the world of D&D but none are quite as talkative as our next one. This week join me as we talk about the ultimate conversationalist of the dragon world…

Welcome back all. We’ve talked about a few interesting metallic dragons in the world of D&D but none are quite as talkative as our next one. This week join me as we talk about the ultimate conversationalist of the dragon world…

The Brass Dragon

What is a Brass Dragon?

Brass dragons are some of the simplest of creatures to understand, in my opinion. They love sunlight and hot climates but above all other things they love good conversations. These dragons have a distinct look in that they have a protective plating on their heads and their wings extend all the way down to their tails (making for some easy gliding through the air). These magnificent creatures crave conversation so much that they might actually keep someone from leaving their lair until they have had a conversation with them. Brass Dragons like sentient weapons that can hold conversations above all other treasures in their hoards, so expect them to at least have 1 of these kinds of items. Adventuring parties looking to partake in an evening of wine and sparkling conversations need to look no further than these metallic dragons.

Building our dragon

For today we will make an adult version. A conversationalist at heart let’s call her Dorvynta The Speaker.


I think Dorvynta should have a charmingly soft voice. She is not shy by any means but I think a soft toned voice can help someone to lower their guard and make them more likely to talk. I think she should have a soft british accent with a curious smile.

Speech Patterns/Cadence

Despite Dorvynta’s name I believe she would be a listener first. So she may not talk more than her guest, choosing instead to ask questions and truly listen to the responses. She would often follow up with “Then what happened?” with real excitement in her voice. She smiles often and makes sure her voice always remains at a certain level so as to not scare the visitor(s).


Folding her arms in front of her can give off a sort of regal and respectful appearance. On occasion as she is wrapped up in the tale of the person she is speaking with, she might rest her chin on her folded arms and listen on with wonder. I imagine she would also have wine or tea that she can offer, pouring it out with absolute precision, using just the tips of her claws.


I imagine Dorvynta would want to avoid any and all combats since conversing doesn’t involve violence. If someone gets aggressive or unruly she can simply use her sleep breath to knock someone out for a little while. However, her tactics would be made up of how she asks questions and carries conversations. Think up some hard hitting and deep questions to ask your players. Although the first few hours or days of talking can start as simple conversations, it will inevitably lead to hard questions. And your dragon isn’t looking for “right” answers, they aren’t looking for any answers really; they just want to talk.

Meet our dragon

Dorvynta the Speaker is an adult Brass Dragon that lives in a desert cave underground. Adventurers are told of the mighty creature and how those that stay and chat with her can receive powerful gifts in the form of weapons and items. Those who manage to trek through the harsh terrain of the desert and make their way through monster infested lands can finally find the Brass Dragon. After reaching her, one must stay and chat with her for a week in order to receive gifts. She asks them “Have you ever loved? Can you tell me of your best memory? Do you fear death? What do you think happens after death? What do you hope to achieve out of life?” And it is said those who speak with her leave a different person then when they came in. Everyone who meets her, changes. She always thanks her visitors and flies them back to safety when their time comes to an end.

In closing

Brass dragons can be a very nice change of pace, the conversation that can be had with them can be a prize in itself. The journey to meet this dragon can be a perilous one filled with a ton of danger from the elements as well as monsters. But once the group arrives at her doorstep everything changes as they are now in her safety. This experience can be a singular one and with luck your players can remember the mysterious dragon that made them question life and think of so much more than just fighting monsters and villains. Good luck friends, may you all find Brass talkers. But as alway remember DMs; it isn’t just your world, it isn’t just the player’s world, it’s all of yours.

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