Forge: Shield of Hope

Orik the blacksmith created another fan submitted idea based on the character Captain America from marvel and avengers fame. Join us in seeing what he came up with.

Some adventurer came into the shop the other day and said “Orik, my favorite crime fighter hero is Captain America. He has this cool shield that he throws at bad guys and it almost always comes flying back. Do you think you can make me one?” I was confused by what an America was, but if it’s an item based on a renowned captain who stands for hope and justice, then you bet your arse I was going to make it.

Shield of Hope

Shield/Weapon Light, thrown (range 20/60)

Along the outer rim of this circular shield the dwarvish word for hope is etched into it repeatedly. If you take the Attack action on your turn, and this shield is equipped, you can use a bonus action to try to shove, knock prone, or make a single attack on a creature within 5 feet of you with this shield. You can don or doff this shield as a bonus action.

Alternatively, this shield can also be used as a melee or ranged weapon for your attack actions. If it is used as a ranged attack, whether it hits or misses, you can use a reaction to call it back to you, as long as it doesn’t exceed its maximum range (when throwing or calling it back, the shield is automatically doffed and donned). 
This weapon’s damage is 1d4+ Strength Modifier

Smith’s Notes

I feel pretty proud of this one. From what I understand, this shield breaks all laws of physics, well so does magic so I figured what the hell. We were able to build the most basic version of this shield/weapon. As a character progresses you can imagine a friendly dwarf smith somewhere in your world giving it a fine tuned upgrade so it doesn’t take a reaction to call back. All the items I make can and should be tampered with to fit your liking or campaign setting.

Two words of caution…

Ready to punch…for justice

One: this shield goes a little into the abilities of the shield master feat. I personally like using feats and applying them to weapons and items but if you have a player who already has the shield master feat they might feel like they are losing out on some of their abilities; similarly if a different player has the feat, they might feel like it’s unfair that they had to take a feat while the other player just got it from an item. Just know your audience is all I am saying.

Two: Early on the bonus action attack option gives a nice little boost to a players action economy, but by level 5 they may be attacking 3 times in a turn. Just be aware if you have a lot of players in your group, this will slow things down a little unless your player is quick about their turns.

Welp that’s everything folks. When it comes to making items I “Can do this all day,” but you have to go, now get out of my shop. Scram!

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