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In this week’s forge we join Orik Flamebeard the blacksmith as he cooks up another weapon asked by a fan, this time from the character Robin in Fire Emblem and Smash.

The other day some adventurer came to me and said “Orik my favorite character in Fire emblem & Smash is Robin. They have this cool lightning sword called the levin sword. Can you make it?” I told them “I don’t know what a fire emblem is but let’s see the blueprints”.

Levin Sword

Shortsword, rare (attunement)

This magical weapon lets you command the power of lightning. When determining the Hit and damage of this weapon, use intelligence instead. This weapon deals lightning damage instead of its normal damage type. Once per turn you can extend the range of one melee attack with this weapon out to a range of 10 ft as you shoot a spark of lightning from the blade (this is considered a ranged attack).

Once per dawn you can cast Lightning Bolt from the blade at 3rd level (Save DC 13). While attuned to this shortsword you have Proficiency in shortswords.

Smith’s Notes

Well there you have it, the “Levin Sword” is completed. As always, to all other smiths, if you are trying to build your own version of this weapon feel free to change it up as you see fit. Apparently this weapon can run out of power over time? So a good way to capture that is to just give it charges so that its power is limited to a day; I think 3 would be the perfect amount, if you so choose. Giving it Lightning Bolt lets it have that feeling of powering up and shooting what the adventurer referred to me as “Thoron” which is less tied to the weapon and more of the character.

I figured it was about time we gave our magic wielding allies a chance to use a cool weapon without giving up their normal ways of spellcasting. Another good change could be to give this weapon the ability to be a spellcasting focus, but I don’t know how strong that would be. But give this to your mages and watch as they try to be the best tactician magician they can be.

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