Daily Monster #9: Sprite

Being from the Feywild, these tiny creatures come from a place of song and wonder, where arcane magic runs freely and wildly. It is safe to assume that all creatures from this plane are at least to some degree magical; Sprites are not the exception.

Today we’re going to talk about the smallest monster we’ve had so far not just in terms of just size, but also in regards to their challenge rating. Without any further ado, let us discuss…


The basics

Let’s take a look at the numbers: Sprites are unsurprisingly very very low on the strength department with an all time low record of -4 to their STR. Slightly better are their CON and CHA each at a standard +0. Their WIS is a +1 but what they do lack in these stats they certainly make up for with their +2 INT and , more importantly, +4 DEX. Not bad at all for a CR 1/4 tiny fey creature.

These neutral good fey also have an incredible stealth bonus of +8 and a decent +3 to perception to accompany that. They speak Common, Elvish, an Sylvan, have a passive perception of 13, and a fly speed of 40ft.

In terms of actions, if you’re looking for big damage this is probably not the creature for you as both their Longsword and Shortbow cause a mere 1 point of damage on a hit.

Sprite’s best friend.

That said, Sprites do get some very unique features to them. The first being that their arrows are poisoned. In fact, a faild save of 5 or lower has the extra effect of making the target unconscious for a full minute. Heart Sight, the second of these unique abilities, allows a sprite to sense a creature’s current emotional state but can also trigger a saving throw lest your alignment be revealed to the Sprite. Last but not least, these tiny monsters also have access to unlimited uses of Invisibility.

The Lore

First of all let’s clarify some things before it gets anymore confusion: back in older editions we also had Pixies. Back then, all Pixies were Sprites but not all Sprites were Pixies. Got that? It’s a bit weird and I for one am kind of relieved they did away with that for 5th edition were rather than have them be some sort of subspecies both of them are now their own thing. I guess we can consider them fey cousins.

Being from the Feywild, these tiny creatures come from a place of song and wonder, where arcane magic runs freely and wildly. It is safe to assume that all creatures from this plane are at least to some degree magical; Sprites are not the exception.

You can think of them as diminutive elves with beautiful wings and familiar sharp elven features. Depending on the edition you’re going by they can be anywhere between six inches and 2ft tall. They are considered by many of the other Feywild inhabitants as a bit high-strung and too solemn; while their Pixie cousins are off teaching bees how to make honey, these diminutive warriors zealously patrol their forest protecting them against any and all intruders. If Sprites were to have a class, they would be Paladins.

They often make homes in the bows of trees and sometimes an adventurer might even come across a village of them living on a Treat’s branches.

As mentioned before, they guard their homes zealously and put their proficiency in making poison arrows to use on anyone they deem of evil nature as per their ability to sense alignment.

The Execution

Now let’s talk about some ways you could incorporate them into your campaign.

If your players happen to visit the Feywild, well, you’re in luck. They’re plenty forests for them to accidentally walk into, especially considering how disorienting this plane can be. A walk through the forest could land the players too close for comfort to a Sprite village. If none of your players are evil aligned, then they’re in luck and can probably persuade their way into a parley. If on the other hand their alignments don’t meet the Sprites’ expectations, you can have yourself some fun with their invisibility feature and their sleep arrows.

Considering these little creature’s stern personalities, I think this situation could lead to some pretty comical moments. Imagine your party getting shot by dozens and dozes of tiny little poison arrows only to wake up as they’re being dragged away by a flying army of tiny angry forest paladins for questioning.

Alternatively they could instead run into a Treat. While that in itself could be its own encounter, perhaps the Sprites that live on the Treant’s bow take an interest in the party and follow them until they can be sure that the group have vacated the premises.

Or just have a player accidentally sit on an invisible Sprite, instantly incurring the rage of hundreds.

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