Daily Monster #8: Su-Monster

…emaciated looking monkey with ribs almost visible through their coarse pelts. Their hands and feet a distinctive blood red color that almost makes it look like they’ve just had a fresh kill.

Today’s Daily Monster comes to us from waaaay back in 1st edition from within the depths of the Snowflake Mountains. It’s a Monday and that means a new week full of monsters! Today we discuss…

The Su-Monster

The basics

As always, let’s start by taking a look at the numbers; These spooky monkeys have a -1 to CHA and INT, which, considering they’re moneys really isn’t that bad. Their CON and WIS both have a +1 modifier to them while they STR and DEX are only slightly better with a +2.

Su-monsters are considered medium monstrosities with a tendency towards chaotic evil alignments. They have an AC of 12 and a measly 5d8+5 hit points. In terms of senses, languages ans such, they don’t really get much other than a pretty standard passive perception of 13.

These monstrosities have access to a Bite-Claw multiattack as well as a special ability called Psychic Crush (recharges on 5-6) which allows them to inflict some pretty good damage fro a CR1 creature and impose the stun condition on a failed DC11 WIS Save.

The Lore

Now that we’ve covered their stats, let’s see what else we can gleam about these creatures.

Su-Monsters are native to the Snowflake Mountains a well as a couple other places, but are for the most part considered a race species. They often live in family units of up to twelve Su-monsters and are extremely protective of their own, especially the younglings.

In the books they are described as emaciated looking monkey with ribs almost visible through their coarse pelts. Their hands and feet a distinctive blood red color that almost makes it look like they’ve just had a fresh kill.

Su-monsters also posses sharp claws on both feet and hands that not only can be used in battle but also aids them in maneuvering though the thick canopy of trees. They’re known to use their tail to hang upside down as they way to ambush prey from the perched position. There are also reports of Su-monsters going as far as using rocks as projectiles against their unsuspecting victims before dropping drown upon them.

The Execution

Since we’ve covered the stats and lore, all that’s left for us to do is explore some ways in which we can incorporate them into our campaigns; and although we could do this the easy way and just have it be a random mountain encounter, why not go a little further? Let’s focus on what makes these creatures especial: their psychic abilities and their familial bonds.

Consider the following scenario:

As the party slowly makes their way through the thick jungle foliage they hear the cries of an injured creature. They cautiously approach to investigate and find an injured baby Su-monster as it struggles to get away from them in fear and cries in terror. The characters may argue which course of action to take for a few seconds but it’s too late; more cries, this time in anger, ring through the clearing as a large group of Su-monsters converge on whatever threat has injured their young. Seeing the party surrounding their injured member, they attack.

Alternatively, how about having a group of Su-monsters run into the party’s campsite? Perhaps they don’t t attack immediately but instead choose to follow and pester, throwing rocks and other undesirables until it stops being amusing and instead simply attack. You could even have them use their Psychic Crunch ability from the safety of the branches above.

Over all Su-monsters are not too shabby. I do wish their ability didn’t have such a low DC but I suppose that with a crowd of these monsters someone is doomed to roll below that. Personally I’m just looking forward to throwing literal sh*t at my players. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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