Daily Monster #7: Large Subterranean Lizard

Today’s Daily Monster is thankfully not nearly as gross as yersday’s. I present… the Large Subterranean Lizard.

Okay, so definitely better than yesterday’s inter-dimensional space meatball of gross so I can’t really complain here. Thank you for sending lizard vibes my way, I guess?

Compared to some of the extremely overpowered creatures that we had been getting into lately, it’s actually kind of really nice to have something a lot simpler and straightforward for one. Without any further ado, let’s talk about the Large Subterranean Lizard in the room…

Large Subterranean Lizard

The basics

Well, what is there to say about these beautifully simple creature? I guess we should begin by taking a look at their stats.

Unsurprisingly, the Lizard’s weakness is their INT at an all time low -4 as well as their -2 CHA, even though I’m sure that people with pet lizards all over the world would disagree. Their DEX (-1) and WIS (+0) are also not a great but they do somewhat make up fir it with their +3 CON and their +5 STR.

These huge beasts are unaligned and have an AC of 14 as well as a decent pool of 9d12+27 hit points.

Despite their negative DEX, Large Subterranean Lizards do get a +2 to their Stealth which, I suppose could have something to do with the fact that they have Darkvision and a climbing speed of 30ft.

No one ever checks the ceilings.

In terms of attacks, these scaly reptiles have access to a bite-tail multiattack and not much else. The only other distinguishing feature that sets them apart is the fact that they are able to hold their breaths for up to 30 minutes.

The Lore

I’m not sure what you guys expected for this section… they’re lizards.

Alright, fine. Sigh.

Large Subterranean Lizards tend to keep to caves, swamps, and ( you guessed it) subterranean lairs where they can easily hunt for smaller creatures.

Thanks to their size, ability to climb surfaces, and ability to hold their breath, these beasts are commonly used as mounts or even pack animals by many of the Underdark races such as the Drow and Druegar. In addition, Lizardfolk also tend to keep these monsters as pets or rideable companions.

The Execution

I don’t think I need to go over how to roleplay a lizard so instead let’s focus on the encounters themselves this time around.

As entertaining as it sounds to swarm your players with a bunch of lizards, I think for this one a safer bet would be to pair them up with some other danger that uses them as mounts.

Imagine this, the party are just now beginning to explore the Underdark unaware that they have stumbled upon a a patrol of Drow, everything is eerily quiet as they enter into a large cavern with a dome-like ceiling. As they reach the center of the room a barrage of spears and magic suddenly strikes them from above. The Drow don’t take kindly to intruders.

Or perhaps the members of your party find themselves taking a long or sort rest by the edge of a suspicious pool of murky water. At first, they are careful and watch the surface of the water for any signs of creatures bellow. Finally deeming the area safe to camp they begin to prepare for their evening’s rest, only to be ambushed by a group of Large lizards that had been resting at the bottom of the pool.

It could even be that our party of adventurers are attempting to cross a fetid swamp on a small boat when suddenly the spot the Lizardfolk coming in behind them on the back of these creatures, seemingly unaffected by the swampy terrain.

Ultimately, the beauty of creatures as simple as the Large Subterranean Lizard is that you can very easily come up with a variety of scenarios to fit your campaign and the type of encounter you wish to prepare.

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