Daily Monster #6: Sibriex

The reek of rotten vegetation hangs off their misshapen bodies and you watch as streams of blood and bile slowly drip down the creatures bloated form… Yeah, we have that to look forward to today.

Can’t a pirate just write a nice article on unicorns or something? I JUST WANT A NICE CUTE MONSTER why do I keep drawing these disgusting creatures?! Please send your good vibes so that tomorrow’s monster can be, I don’t know, a Tressym or something. Sigh. I guess there’s no point in stalling this one so let us discuss today’s monster…


Actual stuff from nightmares

The basics

Let’s have a look at this floating meatball’s stats. What this creature lacks in DEX (-4) and STR (+0) it makes up in literally everything else. We’re looking at an insane +6 CON and an even more absurd +7 to WIS, INT, and CHA

Also absurd? literally everything else about this creature. Sibriexes have resistance to Cold, Fire, Lightning; Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from Non-magical attacks. Oh, and poison immunity because why not.

And just in case you were thinking of using magic, Sibriexes also have a Magic Resistance that gives them advantage on all saving throws and effects.

Remember how a few articles back I made the joke that Silver Dragons took the Observant feat? Yeah, about that. These huge fiends also boast an insane 120ft of Truesight and have a passive perception of 23. That’s right, you didn’t misread that.

These chaotic evil meatballs don’t seem to have any other weaknesses except for their 20ft of hovering movement.

I guess I should also tell you that, despite being as large as they are, Sibriexes still have a more than decent AC of 19 with a pool of 12d12+72 hit points.

That’s a combined 75 CHA on a single plate

We’re talking about a being so strong that they emit an aura of Contamination that inflicts poison damage upon a failed DC20 Constitution Save.

In terms of actions you can take as these creatures, you get a three part multiattack that can be any combination of their chains and bite as well as an additional Squirt Bile attack on top of that.

If you’re not feeling like making use of that multiattack, you can also just use the Sibriex’s “Warp Creature” ability which targets three players and forces a DC20 CON save that, if failed, adds a level of exhaustion. Once a player character reaches six levels of exhaustion, the character dies and returns as an Abyssal Wretch under the Sibriex’s control.

If that isn’t scary enough, you also have access to Innate Spellcasting that allows the creature to use spells like Command and Hold Monster at will as well as a 3/day Feeblemind. No big deal right?

Oh yeah, and legendary actions.

Apparently a Sibriex is a CR 18 creature but if we’re being honest here I think we should consider bumping that up.

The Lore

Okay so now that I’ve read through this thing’s lore I guess it kind of makes sense for them to be so superpowered.

Sibriexes are a type of obyrith demon. If you don’t know what that is, no shame in that, I also had to look it up. They’re basically extremely ancient demons; so ancient in fact that they predate mortal life and sometimes even the gods themselves.

While their exact origin is unknown, it is theorized that it was Tharizdum who first freed them into the Abyss along with the rest of the obyrith. Their original purpose was to serve as means of production for lesser thralls to be used in war against the demon lords that sought to unchain themselves from their obyrith masters. However, once the tide turned against the rest of the obyrith, Sibriexes were quick and cunning enough to swiftly change sides, which, if we’re being honest, is probably the only reason they still survive to this day.

More recently, although these creature’s numbers have decreases to a hundred or so of them, they still wield power throughout the Abyss. You can often find them selling their services as advisors and oracles to powerful demon lords who greatly value the Sibriexes’ vast pool of knowledge.

When not under employment, they tend to their own nefarious ends in their isolated fortresses that are scattered throughout the various unclaimed areas within the many layers of the Abyss. These lairs are often heavily guarded by armies of lesser demons and charmed monsters many of which have been created by this entity.

When you make a bold claim for the last meatball

The Execution

There’s a certain campaign with the word Abyss in it that doesn’t actually have any Abyss in it, if you catch my drift… but I do know for a fact that you can find one of these bad boys within the Descent into Avernus module.

But how do we incorporate them into other modules or even homebrew campaigns? One answer for you, Timothy, one answer… thirst for knowledge. All Sibriexes share an insatiable hunger for any sort of information from all across the the multiverse that they might be able to use in the future.

The keyword being ‘multiverse’.

Perhaps your Sibriex is on the trail of very valuable information that has led it to your heroes’ plane. Maybe it is simply all part of some sort of demonic contract that will lead them to increase their own power.

Either way it’s important to remember that these demons are incredibly intelligent and cunning, that they have been gathering knowledge and quietly learning from within their Abyssal lairs for eons upon eons. While they are cruel and destructive in their chaotic nature, they also benefit from untold millennia of learning and observing other creatures. They might enjoy torture and destruction, but they are cunning enough to avoid fighting anyone who might pose an actual threat to them.

Another defining feature of these creatures is a combination of vanity a greed. Those who seek to hire them must be ready to pay handsome fees in return for their services. And although gold is always accepted, Sibriexes have a keen interest in hoarding magic items that they can bestow upon their servants. As such, a party that seeks to infiltrate a Sibriex’s lair is likely to encounter a lot of magically boosted demons as resistance. The pay off being that if they succeed in their mission, they will have a hoard comparable to that of any Ancient dragon.

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