Daily Monster #5: Blood Witch

Whether your campaign is set in Ravnica or you’re looking to steup up your cultists Blood Witches might just be the thing for you!

Right off the bat I have to admit that this has probably been the most challenging monster to write about. Although I have dabbled in in MtG and have a vague notion of what Rakdos is, I definitely had to do a bit of extra research for this one. Hardcore MtG players please look away as we discuss…

The Blood Witch

The Basics:

Let’s have a look at some numbers, shall we? These creatures have an interesting array of stats with a -1 WIS, +1 INT, +2 CON and DEX. Surprisingly enough despite having the word “Witch” in their name STR (+3) is one of their higher stats only second to their CHA +4.

Blood Witches are medium humanoids (usually chaotic evil) and have a nice +7 boost to their intimidation and a +5 to Stealth. They also enjoy a very nice 120ft Darkvision that combos really well with their Devil’s Sight.

Psychic resistance is nice but not exactly as useful as some of the other ones they could have had… looking at you, fire resistance.

On top of getting a Longsword+Shortsword multiattack, Blood Witches also get Innate Spell casting for a few very interesting spells including Mage Armor, Eldritch Blast, Scorching Ray and Hex.

What’s more, casting Hex on a creature gives you access to a feature called Blood Witch Dance, which allows you to use a bonus action to control the Hexed creature’s movement on a failed CHA DC 15 save.

Blood Witches are CR 7 creatures.

The Lore

Alright here is where it gets a bit more complicated for me, you see Blood Witches are actually only found in Ravnica (canonically of course) where they serve the demon Rakdos while he’s too busy taking long naps in a pit of lava.

It was a bit difficult to find much about these monsters specifically but when it comes to RPing then keep in mind that Rakdos would often prize their cruelty and the chaos they brought upon others. Blood witches are cunning and ruthless, with a hunger for power to the extent where they won’t shy away from literally tearing each other’s limbs out.

Literally. Just ask Izolda… oh wait

Blood Witches are often assigned to individually torture enemies of the Rakdos cult and as such they are practiced tormentors who great enjoy their jobs.

The Execution

If you’re playing in a Ravnica setting it won’t be too hard to incorporate these creatures into your adventure. Perhaps they were specifically sent to torment the party after they intervened with Rakdos’ goals. Maybe it was simply a sighting along the streets at one of their many macabre performances. Possibilities are endless.

Of course if your campaign is set any any other place but Rakdos there are still ways in which you could spice up your campaign with some Blood Witches. They could very easily be part of one of the many many cults found in WoTC modules or perhaps even serve under some powerful being in your Descent into Avernus campaign.

Honestly, what is it with WotC and cults?

Whichever way you choose to go with this the most important advise that I can give you is to remember to play these creatures for what they are; bloodthirsty, sadistic…warlocks.

That’s right, I said it.

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