Daily Monster #49: Broom of Animated Attack

Part of me really wants to know who it was that sat down and pitched this monster to the rest of the creative team. Who hurt you?

Aaand that’s how you know we’re back, ladies and gentlemen. Here we have another entry to our Daily Monsters series that should have never been a thing to start with. And no, it’s not just because my DM bamboozled me into thinking it was a broom of flying, I just think they’re dumb!!1! Ahem…anyway, let’s talk about it or something.

Broom of Animated Attack

The basics

We’re looking at a +3 DEX and +0 CON and STR, with everything else going downhill from there. I doubt anyone would be surprised by the broom’s -5 INT and CHAR or their -3 WIS.

Thanks to their speedy nature, the animated broom has an AC of 15, as well as an above average movement speed of 50ft of flying (only hovering though). Once you do manage to land a hit on this creature, though, it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish it, considering it only has a hit point pool of 5d6.

In terms of immunities and resistances, there’s a couple but nothing most players should struggle with. Funnily enough, I’m pretty sure this is one of the first monsters we cover with immunity to being prone.

While brooms obviously can’t see things (hence their passive perception of 7), this particular broom actually has 30ft of Blindsight but is blind beyond that radius. Thankfully they can’t speak any languages because, if they could, they would probably curse out their creators

“Father, why?”

Even though the broom doesn’t get any sort of pluses to its Stealth, it’s likely that our players won’t notice them until it’s too late since their False Appearance feature makes them indistinguishable from the common household item.

Speaking of common household items, that’s exactly what this creature will turn into if one of your players were to cast Dispel Magic on it (on a failed CON Save of course). Because of their Antimagic Susceptibility, today’s monster becomes incapacitated when under the effects of antimagic field, what’s worse, on a failed save, the broom goes unconscious if that’s even the right word to use for a broom.

If your players do happen to fall for the broom’s False Appearance, they’re also in for a treat thanks to the creature’s Animated Attack, which instantly allows it to retaliate (with advantage) against any grubby hands that try to grab a hold of it but fail to restrain it.

Now, “Broomstick” might not sound like the most powerful of attacks even alongside a Multiattack feature, but I’m sure many people out there can agree on how painful these things can be. Especially when wielded by angry moms.

Today’s creature is considered a small construct of unaligned alignment with a CR of 1/4.

The lore

First off…why? As you guys probably know I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the fan favorite Curse of Strahd module but even I am out of words to describe this one. Of all the weird things to come out of that module…

For those of you unfamiliar with the module, there is a very early encounter in which this monster is introduced. In fact, I would say it’s definitely one of the many infamous encounters in the book. You might think a single broom should be an easy enough thread to handle for a small group of first level adventurers but, if caught off guard and considering some f the other moving pieces that I don’t want to spoil in this article, this encounter can be quite lethal.

Possibility of death aside, the animated broom in question is supposed to just, you know, be lying around in a closet which begs the question, who in the Nine Hells keeps this sort of thing around? Granted maybe it was done to showcase just how haunted the house is, but I still hold there’s better ways to do that and create a better, spookier atmosphere. Especially if you consider that, by their construct status, someone actually had to sit down and enchant/create this thing.

The execution

After sitting here for a solid five minutes wondering how this particular monster could have ended up in Barovia’s infamous haunted house, it occurred to me that I would actually have to come up with a plausible reason for our players to encounter this monster, so I could write about it in this section. So here’s the thing, we know that they must be created, but the reason for their creation remains a bit of a mystery. I do have some interesting thoughts for a low level encounter though. Take a look:

For whichever plot reasons you end up going with, our party of adventurers finds themselves tasked with paying a visit to the local wizard who is said to be older than time itself and more powerful than any other being on the realm. Upon getting to the wizard’s tower (maybe a Galder’s Tower?), no one answers the door and, just as they’re about to leave, they hear cries for help from within. After barging through the door and hurrying up several flights of stairs, however, what they find is an interesting sight; a shriveled old man with blue robes and a pointy hat, his body curled into a ball in a corner as he tries to escape an onslaught of strikes from a hovering broom. Spread across the floor are various research notes stained with coffee and a pair of broken glasses.

Artistic interpretation of the events.

Of course that’s just one approach and not all animated brooms need to be the result of failed experiments. I t could be that they’re intentionally produced as security measures for people who are (unfortunately) allergic to dogs or something. Or maybe they are the result of high accumulations of magic going rogue. Ultimately it’s up to you and whatever fits your world best.

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  1. or maybe they automagically sweep for their creator and just attack everything else

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