Daily Monster #44: Green Abishai

Aaaand we’re back to fiends. I have to say though, as far as fiends are concerned, this is a fairly interesting one; I do enjoy lawful evil monsters quite a bit, so I’m pretty excited to dig into this one. Without any further ado, let us talk about the…

Aaaand we’re back to fiends. I have to say though, as far as fiends are concerned, this is a fairly interesting one; I do enjoy lawful evil monsters quite a bit, so I’m pretty excited to dig into this one. Without any further ado, let us talk about the…

Green Abishai

The basics

Today’s monsters has some pretty solid stats; w’re looking at +4 CHA and matching +3 DEX, CON, and INT. In fact, this creature’s lowest stats are its STR and WIS which are both still +1s.

Green Abishai have proficiency in INT (+8) and CHA (+9) saving throws as well as a decently extensive list of skills comprised of Deception (+9), Insight (+6), Perception (+6) and Persuasion (+9).

These medium-sized devils tend towards a lawful evil alignment. They have an AC of 18, and a hefty pool of 25d8+75 hit points. As if that weren’t enough, these monsters have advantage on saving throws against magical effects (Magic Resistance) and a few key immunities and damage resistances. For starters, being a devil, the Green Abishai has immunity to all Fire and Poison damages as well as the poisoned condition. On top of that, this creature is also resistant to Cold damage and bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage that comes from non-silvered weapons.

We also get 120ft of Darkvision and a passive perception of 16, which coupled with their Devil’s Sight makes it quite difficult for your players to sneak by. This creature is able to communicate in Infernal via telepathy in a 120ft radius.

Thanks to its Innate Spellcasting, the Green Abishai can make use of the following list of spells:

At will: alter self, major image
3/day each: charm person, detect thoughts, fear
1/day each: confusion, dominate person, mass suggestion

Today’s fiend has an interesting version of Multittack; you can choose between a Claw-Longsword (both of which count as magical) or a Spell-Claw Multittack.

Although the Green Abishai’s Longsword attack is pretty standard (1d8 one-handed and 1d10 two-handed), its Claw attack does have the added feature of imposing a DC 16 CON save with extra poison damage as well as the poisoned condition on a failed save.

The lore

Abishai, also known as scaly devils, were first introduced to the world of Dungeons and Dragons back in 1st edition and intermittently thereafter. In their previous iteration they were described almost as gargoyles with thin bodies and large leathery wings; their appearance, however, has been altered slightly for 5th edition, where they more closely resemble dragons.

Speaking of dragons, you should probably know that these devils come in five different colors, same as their draconic counterparts. Similarly, depending on their color, they each had unique personalities and abilities. Today we will focus on the green variation, but just keep in mind that there are others. Before we do that, however, let’s learn a little bit more about their role as inhabitants of the Nine Hells.

Remember Tiamat? Well, Abishai are her personal, devilish minions during her imprisonment in Avernus. They are arrogant about it too, often seeing themselves as her true followers and berating any other of her underlings as impure. This doesn’t stop at just other devils either, even among themselves they tend to discriminate and follow a sort of hierarchy for which the Green Abishai land right in the middle.

On top of being Tiamat’s faithful servants, they are also in charge of making sure that captives ended up in the right levels of Hell. Their other tasks included tempting humans into making deals with them in exchange for gold, gems, and magical items since, unlike Dragons, they don’t have a tendency for hoarding riches. Like many fiends, Green Abishai delight in inflicting torture and despair, and certainly enjoy their job very much.

While they can fly, they are more suitable for land combat, often preferring to use illusion magic to weaken their foes mid-flight before finally landing to shred their prey into tiny ribbons with their swords and claws.

The execution

Remember how in previous articles we discussed how fighting Tiamat would involve fighting her army as well? Well, Abishai would certainly make up a decent chunk of that army. But unless you’re planing on wiping out our party of adventurers, you might want to pull back a little and focus more on these guys rather than the giant lizard behind them.

So what makes them so especial anyway? I think one of the features that sets Green Abishai aside is their use of illusion magic and deception. And Although having your party fight Tiamat is probably not a good idea, we definitely want to keep some of that flavor, so why not use some of her cult instead? Here’s a quick set up:

As your party of adventurers works to unravel the Cult of the Dragon’s plans, they discover that the cult has come into possession of a set of chromatic dragon eggs that are near hatching time. They venture through the cave system dispatching of several cultists until they reach a large open. This is where our Green Abishai come in. You see, they have been tasked with protecting the eggs at all costs and are currently watching our adventurers from their perch high up on the roof of the cavern. Perhaps they try to deceive the adventurers and make them think an even more dangerous threat lurks in the shadows, or maybe they use some of their illusion magic to disguise the eggs. If the party shows signs of not buying the ruse, our monster swoops in and begins its attack

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