Daily Monster #43: Green Slaad

Our second Slaad of the series! I have to say that I like this one quite a bit more than I like the Red Slaad but I’ll let you be the judge.

Alright! Today we’re discussing the second Slaad for our Daily Monster series. In case you missed out, you can check the first article on Red Slaadi over here. We look forward to hearing which of the two is your favorite, but for now, let us discuss today’s monster…

Green Slaad

The basics

Alright, there’s quite a bit to cover for this one so let’s get to it! We’re looking at a +4 STR, +3 CON, and +2 DEX. The Green Slaad’s CHA and INT are also not terrible with a +1 and +0 respectively, but their WIS is on the lower side of things with a -1.

Green Slaadi have a +3 to Arcana and +2 to Perception. Their passive perception is only 12, but they do have 30ft of Blindsight as well as 60ft of Darkvision. Interestingly enough, Slaadi are able to communicate telepathically to a range of 60ft.

Today’s monster has an AC of 16 and a hefty pool of 15d10+45 hit points. In addition to this, these creatures also have a pretty good list or resistances consisting of Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, and Thunder. As if this weren’t enough, these creatures also posses both a Magic Resistance feature and a Regeneration feature that tops them off with 10 hit points at the start of each of their turns.

But that’s not all! Green Slaadi are also capable of shapeshifting into small or medium humanoids thanks to their Shapechanger feature, something that their red counterparts certainly lacked. Using their Innate Spellcasting, Green Slaadi are able to utilize the following spells:

At will: detect magic, detect thoughts, mage hand

2/day each: fear, invisibility (self only)

1/day: fireball

Not only that, but this monster is also equipped with a Bite, Claw, and Staff attacks that can be used as part of a three step multiattack. If somehow multiattack and a wide variety of spells just isn’t cutting it for you, you can always use the Green Slaad’s Hurl Flame ability, which is a pretty decent fire damage ranged attack even if the attack modifier is lower than that of other weapons. You can forfeit your Multiattack in exchange for two blasts of Hurl Flame.

For those of you interested, keep in mind that these large aberrations are considered CR 8 creatures.

The lore

If you remember from our previous article on the red variation of this creature, Slaadi are actually native to the plane of Limbo, more specifically the Spawning Stone, where they partake in horny frog Burning Man every once in a while, which leads to more of these things being created. Well, blues and reds anyway, but this is the first step in the creation of today’s monster. You see, when wither of these two infect a humanoid spellcaster with their eggs (which they via stretching) we get a Green Slaad instead. As a matter of fact, Green Slaadi are known to use their Shapeshifting abilities to take the appearance of their former hosts.

Also of interesting note is the fact that Gray Slaadi (picture the leveled up version of this Pokémon) are born of green ones who have honed their magic and grown stronger throughout many decades.

The execution

This is definitely one of those monsters worth turning into its own encounter. Not only is it versatile and durable with its hefty pool of hit points, but it has quite a few interesting abilities the lore to back it up.

Now, I think we are all familiar with the typical fetch quest; usually you send the party to retrieve and item or find a particular NPC. But what if when the party got the Wizard’s tower they found him to be not quite right? What if a Green Slaad had taken over and was now masquerading as the Wizard in question?

Of course this works even better is the party already know the NPC in question. You could set it up so that there are some obvious signs of the issue at hand, perhaps some unfinished research papers in regard to a cure of some kind, or maybe that’s actually the reason why the party is there at all, perhaps they were fetching some key ingredients for a cure.

As suspicion arises, our Slaad (who can cast Detect Thoughts at will) will easily pick up on cues and notice the player character’s hesitation and mistrust. At this point you could either continue to play it up as a mystery and have the players try to work out what’s happening or you could have the Green Slaad throw a giant Fireball at the party when their backs are turned. Up to you, really.

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