Daily Monster #42: Chaos Quadrapod

Join me today in discussing our very first Acquisitions Incorporated monster! Of course we’re talking about the one and the only Chaos Quadrapod!

Aaaalright! We got ourselves our first Acquisitions Incorporated monster! I myself don’t actually know that much about this particular WotC release, so I’m excited to do some research on it for this article. Without further ado, let us discuss the…

Chaos Quadrapod

The basics

I recently had the chance to run this monster as an after session rolled encounter and let me tell you, they’re kind of fun for CR 4 monsters.

In terms of stats we’re looking at a +4 STR, +2CON, and +1 DEX. This monster’s weakness lies in its low INT of -2 and its CHA of -3.

Despite being a giant blob of tentacles, it turns out that the Chaos Quadrapod is actually decently agile with a +5 in Acrobatics. Likewise, they’ve got above average perception skills with a +4 to any checks. Though I suspect the latter has more to do with its 120ft of Blindsight and passive perception of 14.

Also surprising? Their speed. We’re looking at 40ft of both walking and climbing movement. Despite their large size, this chaotic evil aberration is decently beefy with an AC of 14 and a hit point pool of 7d10+14, which, granted wouldn’t be that great without the Quadrapod’s Magic Resistance.

As for abilities, you will probably be using this monster’s Chaos Cloud (recharge after a short or long rest) that has the creature shoot a blinding knot of ethereal light capable of stunning ant creatures within 20ft of it on a failed CHA saving throw. Personally I think it’s kind of unfortunate that you can’t use this ability more often but I suppose it makes sense for a CR 4 creature. Definitely one of few things you could alter to make this encounter more challenging.

Your main (read only) output for damage will be the Chaos Quadrapod’s Tentacle attack, which also grapples and retrains the target. Keep in mind that despite having the prefix “Quad” in its name, you can’t grapple more than two targets at a time. I suppose it may have something to do with still being able to take two other tentacle attacks using its multiattack feature but I would like to think that it could use player characters as bludgeoning weapons, but alas.

No adequate image results, unfortunately.

If you’re still interested in running this creature even though its true potential clearly hasn’t been explored yet, you should probably know that the Chaos Quadrapod is considered a CR 4 creature.

The Lore

As mentioned in the intro segment to this article, the Chaos Quadrapod is actually quite new to the world of D&D, only having been released in June 2019, or last year for those of you keeping track, as part of the Acquisitions Incorporated source book.

Now, I’m not terribly familiar with the podcast, other than knowing that it was originally DMed by Chris Perkins himself, but I do know that the Chaos Quadrapod originated from the Far Realm.

In the book it is described as a cluster of four tentacles with a pulsing mass of ethereal light at the center of its body. Although I’m not certain as to how and there doesn’t seem to be any information on this out there, today’s monster somehow manages to channel the energy of its home plane to destroy anything foolish enough to cross its path.

In what’s probably the funniest method of transportation ever known to D&D, the Quadrapod actually just, flings its tentacles at the ground in front of it and drags itself along this way, slurping noises included. Which, again, just begs the question as to how this monster can possibly have a +5 to acrobatics.

As for the Far Realm, you should know that this is definitely not the craziest monster to come out of this wretched place. The Far Realm is often described as a plane of madness that is known to twist any creatures that dare enter into gruesome monsters. Honestly. I’d just hate to be the sucker that got turned into one of these things.

The execution

Before we begin exploring the possibilities of that come with this strange monster, we should probably discuss how exactly we plan on making this creature turn up as the latest encounter in your campaign.

For today’s encounter I would like to discuss a bit of a D&D phenomenon: the beach episode. We’ve all experienced it to some degree, whether as part of our games of simply by watching cartoons (especially anime for those of you who enjoy such things). If you’re not sure what it is that I’m referring to, you can read more about it from Drazzt in our latest Opinionated Goblin.

Since by now you’ve hopefully clicked that link and spent a few minutes reading about the topic, you probably know that one of the reasons why this type of session can be a lot of fun is because it allows us Dungeon Masters some extra room for creativity. What better way yo explore that than with a light up octopus that only has half its tentacles and is actually made out of light? Picture the following:

Though technically beach episodes can take place just about anywhere, let’s take the “beach” part literally. Your players are having a grand time in the swimsuit competition, smashing watermelons with obnoxiously large wooden hammers, and even dipping their toes for a quick swim in the blue blue ocean. For our nefarious purposes, it’s the latter that interests us. Imagine that while your players are having a pleasant dive in the sea, perhaps as some sort of competition to see who can hold their breath the longest or whatever it is that player characters are bound to do when they’re not saving the world, when all of a sudden a bright light threatens to blind your players as a rift into the Farm Realm opens and the Chaos Quadrapod begins its rampage on the Material Plane.

I think that would be about the right time to remind your players of the fact that they’re currently not wearing any gear. Granted this probably won’t stop the barbarian, and the casters will probably immediately cast Mage Armor, BUT this is still bound to make the encounter quite interesting. Will they spend the first turn trying to reach their equipment? Or perhaps the party will resort to improvised weapons. It’s definitely a good idea to encourage your players to get creative with this combat, the idea is to have fun.

If you’re looking to make this encounter a bit more challenging (which it should already be if the players are under equipped) you could also have a couple of other aquatic creatures go into a rage at the sight of the bright light emitted by the Chaos Quadrapod, or just, you know, throw in a coupe of Reef Sharks because why not.

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