Daily Monster #30: Mite

Today we talk about baby Joda. Well…if baby Yoda had a rough childhood on the streets and ended up resorting to a life of crime before succumbing to Spice addiction.

Today we talk about Baby Yoda. Well…if Baby Yoda had a rough childhood on the streets and ended up resorting to a life of crime before succumbing to Spice addiction. Let’s talk about…


Spice? Do you Spice?

The basics

Mites are small fey creatures with an AC of 12 and an equally small hit point pool of 2d6. For their diminutive size, they still have better moving speeds than most creatures with 30ft of walking speed, 10ft burrow, and 30ft of climbing speed.

In terms of numbers we’re looking a pretty average scores. Their highest score is a +2 in DEX, followed by a +1 in CHAR… I guess they’re kind of cute in an ugly baby Yoda sort of way. Other than that, their CON and INT are both +0, their WIS is -1 and finally, their STR is their lowest stat with a -2 to it.

These tiny creatures have a +3 to deception and, +6 to their stealth. Possibly due to their environment they also enjoy 60ft of Darkvision.

Interestingly enough, while in their presence (30ft), other creatures have disadvantage on DEX saves and checks. (Vexing Presence)

Thanks to their Blood Boiling Hex (recharge on 6), these small fey are the ultimate pranksters and great monsters if you’re looking to annoy your group of PCs. Not only does using this ability function similarly to the Bane spell, but it can also make for an interesting combat situation to have the players attack each other without fully understanding why.

Other than these two abilities, we don’t really get much else other than a standard dagger attack which you, hopefully, won’t be using at all when running these monsters.

Mites are CR 1/4 creatures.

The Lore

Mites were first introduced to the world of Dungeons and Dragons in 1971 before making an appearance in the 1st edition Fiend Folio ten years after.

Mites are tiny humanoids, descended from the Feywild and perhaps once an offshoot of gremlins. They are described as having large heads and tiny scrawny bodies, while their skin color ranges from a white-ish gray to violet or light blue hues.

Mite tends to inhabit complex networks of very narrow tunnels only fitting for creatures of similar small sizes. While these can be found in the wild as part of the underground, Mites are known to enjoy inhabiting abandoned dungeons as well. It could be that this is partially due to their love for making simple traps, something that they enjoy but don’t excel at, specially when compared to kobolds, for example.

They’re a little similar to Mephits in the fact that both creatures covet treasure and often seek to steal it from unsuspecting adventurers. Anyone unfortunate enough to be caught a group of Mites will soon find themselves stripped of all belongings and left hanging upside down by a rope in some abandoned dungeon corridor.

Mites are extremely curious and are known to keep all sorts of trinkets as “treasure” from their successful catch. They particularly enjoy collecting bones from larger creatures and will go through great lenghts to trasport them back to their lairs. It’s not unusual for Mite tunnels to be covered in discarted stolen items.

As mischievous and chaotic as they are, most of them don’t actually have murderous intent for their prey as this would simply put an end to their fun. They do not feed upon their captives but won’t hesitate to steal any rations they might have with them.

Mites delight in causing chaos and annoying other creatures. When mites are about, other individuals become irritable and easily frustrated to the point of violence. Thanks to the Mite’s Vexing presence, even the smallest of problems can feel like gross incompetence. What was once a simple task becomes nearly impossible for creatures affected by the Mite’s influence which can often turn the group to arguments and, in some cases, even fights.

In terms of their society, groups of mites usually build a larger main cavern from which their King can rule and command the rest of the Mites. Although they are led by a King, most females of the species display more ferocity than the males and won’t hesitate to attack or even bite intruders.

Giant Spiders and Giants are two of the Mite’s natural enemies as both monsters enjoy feasting on the tiny fey creatures.

The execution

Oh boy, oh boy. If you play in any of my campaigns, it’s time to stop reading.

This is it, this is exactly the reason I wanted to work on Daily Monster: to find new interesting monsters to make my players lives all the more miserable and I think we’ve done just that with today’s monster. Merry Christmas indeed.

But enough about me and my chaotic evil plans. Let’s take a look at how we could implement these creatures into our campaigns.

My idea is pretty simple. As the players begin delving into a local dungeon they start to feel as if they’re being watched, as they look around for the source of the feeling, they spot several small tunnel entrances but not much else (you can thank the Mite’s Stealth for that!). As they progress though the maze of tunnels, however, suspicious things begin to happen, perhaps the thief’s tools snap as he tries to open a door or, the barbarian trips and falls down some stairs taking some damage. You name it, just make sure to escalate the events and their suspicious nature as much as you can. If the party tries to take any sort of rest while in the area the Mites will cave in some tunnels to trap them. Considering the list of events that the group will have experienced up to that point, this will probably leave no doubt about something being afoot. The reason for all this trouble? A group of Mites that has been shadowing them through the various tunnels, heck, maybe one of them hitched a ride inside the Barbarian’s travel pack. Maybe the party begins to notice that some of their personal items have gone missing.

Now, keep in mind that the entire point of these creatures is to have fun annoying your players as much as possible, which is why you should definitely consider playing the world’s most annoying game of whack-a-mole. Have them pop out of their little tunnels to Hex the players into hitting each other before ducking back in, take advantage of the disadvantage to DEX saves and have them spring traps on them, maybe they run around in pairs holding a rope and trying to trip the players. Ultimately you know your players best. What are some fun pranks you can play on them using these creatures that are sure to get your players?

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