Daily Monster #24: Cave Badger

FINALLY something cute and I can’t even enjoy it because I’m still sick as a dog. On the bright side this should be a pretty simple article to write, on the other one I’ve already spent 20 minutes looking through cute badger pictures.

FINALLY something cute and I can’t even enjoy it because I’m still sick as a dog. On the bright side this should be a pretty simple article to write, which is great because I keep staring at the wall in a fever induced fugue stage. On the other hand, I’ve already spent like, twenty minutes of my life looking through cute badger art for this article. Without any further ado, let’s talk about…

Cave Badgers

The basics

Although the badger’s INT (-4) and CHA (-3) are definitely not great, chances are that these creatures have a higher STR (+1) and CON (+2) than most casters in the party. Their WIS (+1) is also not bad at all considering these are CR 1/4 creatures.

In terms of features, I hope you weren’t expecting much. As their name suggests, Cave badgers are accustomed to darkness and as such have a Darkvision of 30ft and a Passive Perception of 11. More interestingly though, these creatures do have access to Tremorsense to a range of 60ft. This combined with their Keen Smell might just be useful to build some interesting encounters down the line.

Cave badgers are medium-sized beasts with no alignment. They have a walking speed of 30ft as well as an added 15ft of burrow speed. Their AC is 12, and they have a hit point pool of 2d8+4.

The fact that these CR 1/4 creatures have access to a Bite-Claw Multiattack makes them incredibly dangerous to any level one characters out there.

If you ask me, we might just have to ditch the standard kobolds and goblins for Cave Badgers instead.

The Lore

As cute as these creatures are, and despite what our choice of picture would suggest, Cave Badgers tend to be rather unfriendly.

These creatures are extremely territorial and tolerate no intrusions within their domain. Anyone foolish enough to attempt to enter their lairs will most likely find themselves at the mercy of this creature’s sharp claws and teeth.

When it comes to their especial burrowing movement, badgers are able to move through just about any material softer than solid rock. Depending on of the composition of the soil, it might be possible to give chase after them through their own tunnels.

Although they aren’t smart by any means, it is likely that these creatures will retreat to their dark caves where they have the upper hand thanks to their Darkvision and Tremorsense.

It is also not unheard-of for goblins to make use of a badger’s network of tunnels once they have been dealt with by adventurers or simply moved on.

Because of their affinity for caves and underground areas, Cave Badgers can be often found as pets or companions of races with the shared interest, druids and rangers in particular.

The Execution

The great thing about creatures that might not have a lot of lore behind them is that we get a mostly white canvas to work with.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ll definitely consider throwing a couple of these at my next low level party. Picture the following:

As your party of heroes embarks on their first adventure into a nearby cave to rescue, well, whoever it is that they’re there to rescue, they encounter a bit of a problem; while stopping to catch his breath, the party gnome finds himself falling 10ft into the ground when an angry badger digs a tunnel beneath him. In their best Loony Toons impression, the character plummets into the awaiting claws of the creature. How will the rest of the player react? Catching your players by surprise is an excellent way to encourage more role-play in your group.

Alternatively, since these creatures are known pets in some communities, how about having one of them turn rogue and cause mayhem at the market square? Heck, if your players like a challenge or you’re dealing with higher level character, perhaps there’s some sort of disease that has been turning the town’s beloved pets into aggressive dire creatures.

With this we conclude today’s Daily Monster, and since there’s like a 30% percent chance that I didn’t actually type any of this out and just imagined I did in my head, I’m going to go lie down now.

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