Daily Monster #2: Silver Dragons

Welcome to our second ever Daily Monster where we look at a single randomized entry from the list of monsters currently available over at the dndbeyond monsters compendium.
Totally we have a special treat for you as we will be looking at the first Dragon in our series…the Adult Silver Dragon.

Welcome to our second ever Daily Monster where we look at a single randomized entry from the list of monsters currently available over at the dndbeyond monsters compendium.

Totally we have a special treat for you as we will be looking at the first Dragon in our series…the Adult Silver Dragon.

The Basics

Guys, I feel like I’ve just rolled two natural 20s in a row. Of course if we’re being technical I rolled a 21 on a 1561 die so if anything I rolled pretty badly but my point stands! What are the odds?!

Since we are on technicalities, I should probably mention that I did roll for an Adult Silver Dragon so we’ll be looking at that set of stats in particular but do keep in mind that the older the Dragon the more powerful it becomes.

Let’s have a look at the numbers: WIS and DEX are the lowest stats these creatures have with a +1 and a +0 respectively. Their INT is also very much above average at a solid +3 but nowhere near as good as the Silver Dragon’s CHA (+5), CON (+7) and STR (+8).

An Adult Silver Dragon is a size Huge with a tendency towards lawful good. Statted as they are, these metallic dragons have an incredible endurance that clearly shows with in their AC of 19 (despite their size!) and their very large pool of hit points (18d12+126).

Let’s start by stating the obvious; Silver Dragons have a flying speed of 80ft as well as a walking speed of 40ft. They also have a Darkvision of 120ft and a range of 60ft of Blindsight. Their passive perception is an insane 21.

Must have taken the Observant feat.

Silver dragons have a single immunity to cold damage but this coupled with their 3/day Legendary Resistances still makes them very powerful creatures that no adventurer in their right mind should want to fight.

Oh boy, actions… dragons get a lot of them. Let’s start with the passives: Once per turn Silver Dragons can use their Frightful Presence as well as a multiattack that we’ll cover in a second. As an action, they can also use their Change Shape ability and magically polymorph into a humanoid or beast.

As part of their multiattack dragons make one bite attack and two claw attacks for a total of three attacks. But that’s not all! These creatures also have access to some of the more frightful breath weapons (on a 5-6 recharge, of course). Fire breath is great and all but a combination of Paralyzing Breath and Cold Breath? Terrifying.

Last but not least on the basics, a dragon wouldn’t be complete without lair and legendary actions. We’ll cover the former in a bit, but for now just keep in mind that on top of all of the aforementioned abilities, Silver Dragons also boast Wing Attack and Tail Attack Legendary Actions.

In terms of challenge, Adult Silver Dragons are considered a CR 16.

Look at that sick Mohawk

The Lore

Since this is our first dragon let us establish some basics: Chromatic dragons bad, Metallic dragons good.

Luckily enough for your adventurers, Silver Dragons most definitely fall in the Metallic category and most likely will not be looking to eat any of your friends. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us that given their extremely long lifespans (an average of over 4200 years) and their sheer might, most dragons, metallic and chromatic alike, tend to view themselves as vastly superior to all other creatures.

This is where Silver Dragons get a little more interesting though as, unlike mos of their kind, they actually really enjoy the company of humans and elves, often deciding to live out most of their long lives among them. Many Silver Dragons find themselves captivated with their shorter-lived counterparts and how much they can accomplish in their brief lifespans.

It is not rare at all for a Silver Dragon to find a community of humans or elves to settle with under their humanoid disguise and take the citizens under their protective, silvery wing. Silver Dragons tend to keep to themselves and their little communities and have a dislike for unnecessary combat.

Probably for the best too.

In terms of their relationship with other dragons, most Silver Dragons actually form clans of their own brethren and share the responsibility of raising their wyrmlings as what’s probably one of the strangest family units in the block.

They also have a very strong dislike for Red Dragons as these tend to be evil and extremely destructive. Unlike the rest of the Metallic Dragons, however, it is unlikely that Silver Dragons would go out of their way to “bring justice to the world” unless it pertained their immediate territory.

The Execution

Now that we’ve explored the basics and have an idea of how to flavor our Silver Dragons, let’s discuss some ways to incorporate them into our campaigns.

I have to confess to you all that I’ve just spent the majority of my lunchtime trying to come up with good reasons as to why a lawful neutral creature as smart as Silver Dragons are could end up fighting our party of intrepid adventurers. Considering that these beings are actually agreeable towards humanoids and very much reasonable it’s a little hard to imagine that the two would end up at odds. Unless…

Your group of players are somehow forced to go against a Silver Dragon’s wishes. Perhaps there is some sort of third party that has manage to put these two at odds, or maybe the party simple has no choice.

Being as protective as they are of their little chosen communities I think it’s a safe bet that a Silver Dragon could rise up to protect their territory. If we are going along with this idea though, it’s important to remember that although the dragon might end up being a temporary adversary, the party should be able to explain their motives and reason to these very intelligent creatures.

Perhaps your players initially approach the Silver dragon with trepidation, fearing its rage only to find out that the creature is actually quite civil and that once things are explained it quickly aligns itself with the players goals, becoming a powerful ally instead. Subversion of expectations always works like a charm.

The best part is that if you are a little worried about giving your players such a powerful ally you need not worry so much, as Silver Dragons would be unlikely to leave their territory unprotected for long periods of time. On the other hand this offers us some really cool options when it comes to combat. As one of my Dungeon Masters once asked, “What’s better than fighting a dragon? Fighting a dragon while flying on another dragon.”

But if it does come to fighting a Silver Dragon, at least your players will have a really cool combat to look forward to. Silvers usually like to build their lairs in cold areas such as mountains, just like their evil white cousins but also share a keep interested in ruins of long-abandoned civilizations like the dreaded Red Dragons.

The more obvious solution to the question of how to make this happen remains to simply incorporate this to your evil campaigns instead. It could be as easily as having one of your evil players be aligned with a Red Dragon seeking to usurp a Silver Dragon’s lair.

Thank you for joining me in exploring out second Daily Monster and I hope to see you again tomorrow for whatever the dice might have in store for us…only 1559 more to go!

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