Daily Monster #19: Mud Mephit

I hope everyone has their prestidigitation cantrips at the ready because today we are talking about explosive…Mud Mephits. Not sure what you thought I’d say next.

Welcome to today’s installment of Daily Monster, where we talk about horses and Eldritch horrors at the drop of a hat. I hope everyone has their prestidigitation cantrips at the ready because today we are talking about explosive…

Mud Mephits

The basics

These little pieces of… mud have a couple of hidden aces up their sleeves but first let’s take a look at their stats to find out if the numbers back them up.

Mud Mephits have a -2 modifier to their CHA as well as matching -1 on their INT and STR. Their CON is slightly above average with a +1 as is their DEX. Over all very poorly statted even for CR 1/4 creatures

These small elementals have a tendency towards neutral evil, an AC of 11, and pool of hit points equal to 6d6+6. Their only immunity is to Poison but they do have a nifty 60ft of Darkvision in case you want to take them underground. Despite their terrible stats they still speak more languages than the average American and can communicate in both Aquan and Terran.

This particular variant of Mephit has a False appearance that makes it indistinguishable from an ordinary mound of mud as long as it remains motionless. Add to that their +3 Stealth and they can be decently sneaky creatures.

They’ll never see it coming

Their only damage output comes from a Fist attack action, but that’s not quite what sets them apart. Mud Mephits have access to a, well, Mud Breath weapon attack (recharge on 6) that imposes a DEX save and restraints targets on a fail. Similarly, upon the death these mud cakes explode in a Death Burst that once again calls for a DEX save with the same consequences on a failed roll.

Not enough Mud Mephit art out there but this will do

The Lore

As most elemental creatures, Mud Mephits are native to the Elemental Planes. Mephits in general tend to be a combination of two elements. Today we talk about mud, which means that these creatures are composed of both water and earth. When they do manage to sneak their way into the Prime Material Plane, however, Mud Mephits prefer to live in areas that provide their two favorite elements. They’re often found near the banks of rivers and underground areas with a source of water.

In terms of their personality, they are described as “imp-like” and “greedy” and are commonly known as tricksters despite their neutral evil alignment. Mud Mephits are particularly known to complain about everything to anyone foolish enough to listen. They drone on instantly and ask for both treasure and attention.

Because of their low scores in most stats, it it’s easy to assume that these creatures also tend to attack in groups and, as such, probably live in the same way.

They also have one of the silliest looking minis in the market:

“Did your 3D printer break?” “No, it’s a Mephit.”

The Execution

Alright so, clearly this creature’s strength isn’t their damage or toughness. We have to be a little creative for this one but I think I have some ideas. As always with these articles, we like to take a look at a creature and figure out what it is that makes them especial and sets them apart form the rest so that we can build our encounter from there. When it comes to Mud Mephits that would definitely have to be their Death Burst so how about we play a little bit of explosive wack-a-mole? Imagine the following:

As your party of heroes finally manages to end the threat in the jungle, they exit the cover of trees only to find themselves in the on the opposite end of a massive mud field. They sigh tiredly and complain about getting their new pair of su-monster boots dirty before reluctantly beginning to cross the area. A few steps in however, something catches the the cleric’s boot and sends him plummeting face first into a nonconsensual mud bath. As he tries to free his foot, it doesn’t give and when he looks down he sees Mud Mephit beginning to climb his way up his pant leg towards his coin purse. He shouts for help, but as one of his allies tries to smack the thing away it suddenly disappears into the mud only for two of the creatures to reappear behind this other party member. Chaos ensues as more Mud Mephits show up to try and trap the adventurers with their breath weapon in order to steal their treasure. If they are killed, they explode too and the circle just continues on as your players scramble to get out of the muddy terrain.

Alternatively, if you’re not looking for a full on combat encounter, consider having these little creatures just loiter near a road until they see our adventurers approach. They follow the characters and pester them with complains and requests for gold that, if not fulfilled, might lead to a nice mud pie to the face for our characters.

When playing these little buggers, I definitely suggest doing the squeakiest, most annoying voice that you can. If by the end of session you haven’t made at least one of your friends annoyed you’ve done something wrong!

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