Daily Monster #14: H-horse?

Now, look, out of everyone I know I think I’m definitely the most likely to want to fight a horse and even then I still have to ask…why?

Here I was, finally done for work for the day and sitting down to write my Daily Monster and just thinking to myself, “Gee, now that I’m back from moving break I can’t wait to cover some cool monsters that I can hopefully add to my campaigns..” and they I went and checked the number that our resident Wizard rolled for us only to find…

A literal horse

Technically a Riding Horse

The basics

Sigh.. why am I– Okay, sure. Why not. I knew at some point I was bound to get some really strange monster I just didn’t think it would be so soon…

Horses have surprisingly good stats actually, you know, for horses. They have a +3 STR and +1 CON. Their WIS is +0 and everything else is a negative with a -2 CHA and a +4 INT.

Even horses are dumping INT nowadays…

They have an AC of 10 and 2d10+2 hit points. They’re large unaligned beasts with a passive perception of 10 and can do exactly one (1) thing as an action and that is kick things maybe, sigh.

They’re CR 1/4 creatures if that matters at all.

The Lore

You know, I was going to put a link to a funny horse video or something but I actually got to research some real life horse and I might as well just break it down for you guys. Maybe there is more to horses than meets the eye after all…

In Norse religion for example horses can actually be bred as oracles that helped settle disputes and could even perform divination rituals. I’m not exactly sure how but I guess that’s where the DMs imagination would come to play if you wanted to adopt this into your game.

While some horses were venerated as sacred in some cultures, as is the case with white horses in Bronze Age Greek culture, they’re also known to be portrayed as bringers of doom and the apocalypse.

The only acceptable horse encounter

The Execution

Now, look, out of everyone I know I think I’m definitely the most likely to want to fight a horse and even then I still have to ask…why?


If you’re really hellbent on this idea at least let us make it a little more elaborate than just fist fighting the nearest mare. How about, instead of randomly having your players roll for combat against a horse, have them roll for combat against many horses. One word: stampede.

Perhaps the party has finally arrived in town after an arduous day of travel to get here… finally, they can rest their tired bones and have a drink a the tavern except, suddenly they hear a commotion ahead, a cloud rising dust limits visibility but the threat seems to be approaching at an alarming speed. Have them roll DEX saves or even better, explain how they get out of the danger zone. Maybe one of them will try to roll Animal Handling and successfully manages to appease the animals, or perhaps an Acrobatics check to deftly mount of the of the incoming horses. Who knows. What’s important about this one is that it would definitely be an out of the ordinary encounter that your players wouldn’t expect and might lead to some creative solutions on their part.

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