Daily Monster #13: Allip

Alright, let me get this straight… we have a very interesting monster with cool multiple target abilities and a really decent intelligence score?… I’ll consider this my early Christmas present.

Aaaand we’re back at it! Apologies for the fashionably late arrival folks, turns out moving houses takes a lot of time and effort. Who would have thunk it? Anyway, let’s kick this week off with the one, the only, the…


The basics

With only a -2 mod to STR, Allips are definitely above average monsters. Their second lowest stat is their CON (+0), followed by a +2 to WIS and +3 to CHA, INT, and DEX.

They have a surprising number of resistances and immunites as well as hefty bonuses to their perception and stealth checks. Allips have 60ft of Darkvission, a passive perception of 15, and a hovering speed of 40ft. In terms of hardiness, their AC is a meager 13 and their hit point pool is only 9d8.

These creatures have a couple of interesting abilities including their Incorporeal Movement, which allows them to pass through other creature’s spaces, and their Howling Babble; which, on recharge 6, DC 14 WIS save can stun all creatures within 30ft of our monster.

How you like them apples, monks?

I have to say though, that from an exclusively chaotic evil DM perspective, my favorite of their abilities is Whispers of Madness, which lets you target up to three creatures within 60ft of the Allip that must succeed a DC 14 Wis save or not only take damage, but also use their reaction to attack another creature of your choice within rage.

Allips are considered medium undead creatures with a tendency toward a neutral evil alignment. They are CR 5 monsters.

The Lore

Allips once again fall in the category of monsters where the simplicity or lack of lore actually makes them all the more useful and interesting to develop for your world; after all there’s nothing stronger than the fear of the unknown. In terms of official lore all we get for them is that they are the remnant spirits of those who have been driven to insanity by some sort of occult knowledge to the point where they end up taking their own lives. They’re spectral forms of the people they used to be except with nightmarish contorted features that showcases the horrors that led to their demise.

Tormented by their forbidden knowledge, Allips only seek revenge on anyone who might have been involved in their descent into madness. They seek to inflict terror, confusion, and rage upon any living creatures to the point where they seem almost unaware of their undead condition.

They’re said to mumble incoherently and that any creature within earshot of this could end up hypnotized by their knowledge from beyond.

The Execution

The Execution

Alright, let me get this straight… we have a very interesting monster with cool multiple target abilities and a really decent intelligence score?… I’ll consider this my early Christmas present.

As much as a I enjoy throwing a bunch of unintelligent monsters at my players, nothing beats having a baddie that knows exactly what they’re doing and what they’re capable of.

When playing an Allip remember that while they used to be a humanoid at one point and probably still have some of their unique quirks and opinions, most, if not all Alips, share a common thirst for knowledge. This could be a flaw that your players could exploit, or perhaps even their own undoing as they fall for the Allip’s temptation. If you have a Warlock or a Wizard, or really any seekers of knowledge in your party, make sure you play into this. Bait them. Offer them exactly what they want to know. Whether or not they fall for the temptation it should be an interesting conversation to have and a key moment for your player’s characters to develop.

If, however, the conversation turns to blows, don’t worry too much about it; there is still plenty of interesting things you can do with these creatures. Use your superior movement and cunning to phase through walls and stay out of danger as you cause weak havoc between party members and pit them against one another.

Regardless of whether or not you run these creatures as a full combat encounter or simply as NPCs, if you play your cards right Allips are sure to give your party a chill.

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