Daily Monster #11: Kraul Warrior

This strange creature bears certain similarities to a centaur, though its small stature, thorax body, clicking legs and buglike head certainly set it apart.

Today we talk about our second Ravnica setting monster. Before we start, I would like to once again ask all hardcore MtG readers to take the following article with ta grain of salt. With that out of the way, let us begin discussing…

The Kraul Warrior

The basics

Kraul have a -1 CHA, +0 to WIS and INT, and a +1 to DEX, with their highest stat being allocated to STR for a total +2 mod to it.

They’re considered medium humanoids with a Darkvision of 60ft, an AC of 18, and 5d8+5 hit points. Oh, and they also have a climbing speed of 30ft.

Okay, so maybe not quite like Kobolds but hear me out; after your players are done fighting Kobolds, consider making them fight some Kraul.

Kraul are immune to charm and frightened thanks to their Hive Mind ability, have access to pack tactics, and as mentioned before, possess a Spider Climb feature as well.

In terms of attacks, unfortunately Kraul lack variety with only a Spear attack option. However, this is nothing that a little homebrewing can’t fix.

The Lore

As with Blood Witches, I unfortunately wasn’t able to find too much on these creatures. But even some of this missing information might serve us well when brainstorming encounters for the Kraul.

Kraul are an insect-like race of humanoids that inhabit the deepest darkest corners the the underbelly of Ravnica. If there’s something that we can definitely tell at a glance from what little information there is about these creatures is that they function in an army like manner. Their society appears to be organized in some sort of caste system that most Kraul tend to be secretive about.

Although usually reserved and considered outliers, because of their affinity with insects, mold, and such, Kraul can very often be found as outspoken members of the Golgari Swarm.

The Execution

After looking through their stats, I have to say that Kraul kind of remind of slightly meatier Kobolds from Ravnica.


Okay, maybe not Kobolds, but, after your players are done fighting those tiny lizards maybe consider throwing a few of these their way. Alternatively if you have a higher level party, just throw a literal swarm of them their way and enjoy the chaos. Look… I just really really really like creatures that can use terrain in interesting ways. What’s better than a creature that can just walk up the ceiling and use their reach weapon to gently poke at your player characters with?

Kraul also come in flying variety that you could use to add a little extra oomph. These creatures have a flying speed of 40ft and are considered a higher standing within their society, often serving as the guild scouts and shock troops rather than plain militia.

It could be that your party accidentally stumbles into a hidden society of Kraul that inhabits a remote region of your world. This could either be underground or even some sort of fungi forest. Perhaps your adventurers are sent with the intention of meeting these being to establish some sort of truce, or perhaps the Kraul are being forced into civilization by some sort of unknown threat that the players are meant to investigate and resolve. The beauty of these creatures is that there really isn’t much known about their secretive societies. Go wild.

Whichever of these you choose, make sure to let us know how it played out for your party by dropping us a message in our forums. If you liked this article and would like to be notified whenever we post new content, consider following us on our social media.

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