Daily Monster #10: Air Elemental

An air elemental is a funneling cloud of whirling air with a vague semblance of a face. It can turn itself into a screaming cyclone, creating a whirlwind that batters creatures even as it flings them away…

Somehow my least hated Eladrin managed to roll a 14 on a 1561 sided die so here we are folks; talking Air Elementals for our milestone 10th post. I’ll be making sure that The Lich deals with this little green bugger later this week but for now, let’s take a look at…

Air Elementals

The basics

Alright! Looking at the stats we can definitely tell that these creatures aren’t the smartest or most charismatic of the bunch with a -2 to INT and CHA. Their WIS is a standard +0, and their CON is above average with a +2 mod. Their strongest suit is most definitely their DEX with a +5 mod to it.

They possess a Darkvision of 60ft, have an AC of 15 and a pretty meaty hit point pool of 12d10+24. Their speed is most definitely a highlight with 90ft of flying (hovering).

When it comes to resistances, we get a few of them including Lightning, Thunder, and the standard non magical weapons resistances. We also get a single immunity to poison and quite a few interesting condition immunities.

Because of their gaseous nature, these large elementals can remain on a hostile creature’s space without issue and move through openings as small as 1inch.

In terms of attacks, we get a standard double slam multiattack and a especial action called Whirlwind (recharge 4-6) which deals a decent amount of damage on a failed DC 13 strength save.

All we need now is some sharks

The Lore

So the thing about Air Elementals is that they’re surprisingly common, just like Tornado Alley, really. Chances are that if you’ve been playing D&D for long enough you’ve already encountered a few of these. That said, for the sake of those of us who are a bit newer to the game, let’s cover our basics here.

Air Elementals are beings made out of living air and wind. They appear almost like a shapeless cloud except for a vague semblance of a face.

These elementals are native to the Plane of Air but can also be found naturally in regions of the world that are specially high up or windy. Their sizes can vary from small dust devils o gargantuan hurricanes with an almost humanoid form.

While they share a kinship with creatures of the air and those of storm, they’re often at odds with other creatures of earth and rock.

Although Air Elementals possess a consciousness and can even communicate in Aruan, they are for the most part simple creatures that only seek to prolong their existence.

The Execution

I’ve had first hand experience in getting my behind handed to me after a series of unfortunate rolls so I can attest to there being more to these creatures than meets the eye.

As always with these articles I’m looking to take whatever makes a creature especial and use that to create interesting and unique encounters. In the case of Air Elementals, we will focus on their incredible speed and condition resistances.

I think it would be interesting to have these creature move in a somewhat erratic circular pattern on the field, constantly moving and circling around the players. Picture your elemental barreling through the midst of the party and sending all of them flying. Next turn it’s already on two of the characters again thanks to its impressive speed. It slams against them and sends them flying towards the rest of the party. Pieces of parchment and house decorations fly across the room barely missing (or not) the overwhelmed players. They try to shout to reassemble and maneuver around the force of nature in the room but can’t seem to get a word across over the deafening sound of the wind.

Thanks to their speed, Air Elementals are the kind of monster that can be run effectively regardless of terrain. As a last note I would definitely recommend trying to come up with interesting situations that make use of this versatility.

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