Daily Monster #1: Mezzoloth

Every day of the week we will choose a random monster from the list currently available over on dndbeyond and we will examine their stats and abilities, their lore throughout the different editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and discuss how we might implement them in our games.

Alright folks, buckle up because this is going to be a loooooong standing series. And I do mean long…1,561 days long give of take, of course.

As a DM who prides themselves on putting an emphasis on story building, I’ve always felt a little lacking when it comes to monster lore and the way I execute official WotC monsters. There’s just too many of them and it’s always felt like an insurmountable task to learn about all of them. The problem with this is that I often end up missing the opportunity to use some monsters that would have been great for certain encounters or just not being able to use a monster’s full potential. But no more!

Starting from today I will be using this column as an excuse to have an in depth look a single monster every day of the week. That’s right, every day of the week we will choose a new random monster from the list currently available over on dndbeyond and we will examine their stats and abilities, their lore throughout the different editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and discuss how we might implement them in our games.

Now that we’ve gone through that whole introduction, let us begin this long journey ahead us with… *sound of dice rolling*

Daily Monster #1: Mezzoloth

The Basics

Aaand we’re starting off with a great pick! These little buggers have plenty to offer to any game.

Let’s have a look at the numbers: Their WIS, DEX, and CHA are very average with a nice round +0 modifier, what they lack in intelligence with their -2 INT modifier, they definitely make up with raw STR (+4) and CON (+3).

They are medium sized fiends (yugoloth to be exact) and and a such tend towards neutral evil. When it comes to AC it is a very decent 18 and their hit point formula is also a very solid 10d8+30.

Mezzoloth also have 60ft of Blindsight and Darkvission as well as the ability to speak Abyssal, Infernal, and Telepathically up to the same range.

They have a pretty nifty list of resistances and a couple of immunities including cold, fire, lighting, acid, and poison, as well as non magical weapon resistance.

Although they have a slightly mediocre damage output even with their Claw and Trident multiattack, what’s important to know about these creatures is that they posses a Teleport ability that lets them bamf away up to a 60ft distance. Couple this with their Innate Spellcasting for Darkness, Dispel Magic, and Cloud Kill, and you have yourself one fearsome foe.

The Mezzoloth is a CR 5 creature.

The Lore

So remember how we called these guys “little” a few paragraphs back? Yeah. About that…these things are actually a lot closer to 7ft tall and roughly 250lbs. They have six deadly looking claws and eyes that light up red as they anger.


Mezzoloth tend to be feared for their martial prowess and their delight in destruction. These creatures often turn towards mercenary work in both the material plane and in the yugoloth army. Although they are considered the lowest rank among their kind, they are by no means the weakest.

Although said to have originated from the depths of the Abyss, the largest population of Mezzoloth can be found in Gehenna instead.

The Execution

Now that we know the basics and the lore, it’s time to brainstorm some ways in which we could incorporate Mezzoloth into out campaigns. We know that although they make pretty scary and formidable enemies, they aren’t exactly the sharpest trident in the shop. So how do we deal with that?

Well, we also know that they have a tendency towards servitude and mercenary work, so let’s give them cunning boss to do all the thinking for them. We have a couple of options for this; Night Hags, demons, and devils are all potential candidates to choose from depending on your campaign setting.

Since we now have a brain for our operation all that’s left is for us to decide exactly how to best use the Mezzoloth’s abilities to their full potential .

Personally I think they could make great assassins, bodyguards, or even watchdogs for a Night Hag; their Teleport feature is perfect to pester the party with. Have them Teleport in as the melee classes attempt to make their way towards the Hag.

You could have your Mezzoloth cast Darkness from their hidden position and assault the party in mid panic with a combination of their Blindsense and Teleport.

“There is a second of terror as you open your eyes to complete darkness. Your breath catches as you see two glowing red eyes materialize in front of you.”

Surprise your players with one or two of these when they attempt to enter a lair as they get hit from the back, having been spotted by the Mezzoloth’s superior vision from far away.

Personally I cannot wait to use these against my players and have them scramble for a couple of rounds before throwing in the Mezzoloth’s spooky boss. The way I see it, possibilities are truly endless with these creatures.

Thank you for joining me in exploring out first Daily Monster and I hope to see you again tomorrow for whatever the dice might have in store for us…

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