UA: Arcane Tradition of Psionics

Wizard Charlie here… feeling attacked by Wizards of the Coast who just released the newest Unearthed Arcana and their three new subclasses and spells. In this article we will cover the most personal attack on my character…the Wizard’s new Arcane Tradition: Pisonics.

Wizard Charlie here… feeling attacked by Wizards of the Coast who just released the newest Unearthed Arcana and their three new subclasses and spells. In this article we will cover the most personal attack on my character…the Wizard’s new Arcane Tradition: Pisonics.

Arcane Tradition: Psionics

As someone who asked their professors if I could choose an arcane tradition in pisonics due to my telepathic abilities and was told “No Charlie that isn’t a thing”…I feel both personally attacked and quite frankly a little pissed that I was lied to! Let’s cover this stupidly awesome subclass and a few of the new spells that my professors told me would never exist!

2nd-level Pisonic Focus: Here we have a nice flavorful item that can be specialized to each character, it can be literally anything and it becomes a meaningful item to your character. This item becomes your focus not only becomes your focus but it also allows you to reroll 1s on psychic and force damage! Remember that Magic missile you got at level 1? That just become way more effective! “No Charlie that isn’t a thing”!

2nd-level Psionic Devotion: at 2nd level you can choose one of the three cantrips; Friends, Mage Hand, or Message and get it automatically added to your list of spells for free and they come with nice little upgrades to make them just a little more effective and psionic. 

6th-level Thought Form: Hey guess what professor? People can astral project! What the hell! At this level you now can become an entity of pure energy and light for 10 minutes where you no longer have to use V, S, or M portions of spells! Your form can look like however you want it to! And to top it all off you gain resistance to psychic damage and to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from non magical attacks! No big deal professor, it’s just everything I wanted! And I know what you’re thinking “I am sure you can just turn to this form once per long rest Charlie, don’t be so upset” well wrong! You can become this form a number of times up to your intelligence modifier! For me that is like 5 times! UGH!

10th-level Mental Discipline: You get to learn one of the spells; dominate person, scrying, or telekinesis and it is added to your spellbook. But wait there is more, you now can cast this spell once per long rest with no components and uses no spell slot. Here you go just have a casual awesome psychic spell! Thanks again professor! 

10th-level Empowered Psionics: From now on when you deal force or psychic damage you can add your intelligence modifier to the damage against one of the targets, so… you know… dead… your enemy is just dead. That damage adds up much faster than you think. 

14th-level Thought Travel: Now when you become your super badass thought form you gain a flying speed and you just hover…. just because…. you’re just a badass! You would think that was cool enough right? Wrong! You can also now move through creatures and objects! Sure they are treated as difficult terrain but that still is just so freaking cool!

Psionic Spells: You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. I am so mad at my professors right now that I can not see straight. So let’s just do a rapid fire spell coverage.

  1. Ego Whip: 4th level spell, make someone suffer disadvantage on everything AND they can’t cast spells!?!? Are you freaking kidding me here?? I would have loved this against my evil ex teachers!
  2. ID Insinuation: 1st level spell, Incapacitate a creature and do 1d12 psychic damage to them at the end of each of their turns. That would have been great against several dragons I had to fight!
  3. Intellect Fortress: 5th level spell, Advantage on all saving throws for 10 minutes  and if someone within 30 ft fails a saving throw you can use a reaction to let them reroll. Oh no big deal I am just a support wizard that loves to look out for her friends! “That doesn’t exist” they said! 
  4. Mental Barrier: 2nd level spell, as a reaction you can make a wall of repetitive thoughts to give yourself advantage on the mental saving throws and gain resistance to psychic damage. Mind Flayers beware!
  5. Mind Sliver: Cantrip, 1d6 psychic damage to a target that fails the saving throw and it gives them a negative 1d4 to the next saving throw before the end of your next turn. This cantrip does two things; 1 it sets you up for the next spell and 2 for someone who constantly misses her spell attacks, a saving throw cantrip like this is ideal for a telepath. 
  6. Mind Thrust: 2nd level, BONUS ACTION attack that deals 3d6 psychic damage and causes the creatures to only be able to dash and disengage. I am…actually speechless. A bonus action spell? I am so angry. I need this in my spellbook right now! In fact I need this 3 weeks ago! This is frankly the best spell for me. Combine this with the cantrip and guess what happens when you cast it with a bigger spell slot? You can target another person. I’m done, I am actually done. 
  7. Psionic Blast: 3rd level spell, 30 ft cone that deals force damage, pushes the targets back 20 ft, and knocks them prone. I would like to take this moment to resign and give up my spellbook and all the years I wasted as an enchantment wizard. Bye now, everyone have a wonderful day, I am going now. I know nothing and I wasted all my years of training as a wizard.
  8. Psychic Crush: 6th level spell, 12d6 psychic damage and the single target is stunned for 1 minute with the chance to keep repeating the saving throw or remain stunned. I think I have gone numb now. This spell is everything I ever wanted in all my life. Wait I am a 15th level enchantment wizard! If I cast this spell I can target a second creature! You know what, maybe I don’t have to give up my wizarding career after all. 
  9. Thought Shield: 2nd level, for 8 hours the chosen target can’t have their mind read or detected and they have advantage on any saving throw that tries to determine if they are telling the truth. I can see this spell helping out your friendly barbarian when going against those pesky mind control enemies.

All in all, I love this entire subclass and spell list. I am mad at WotC for not giving me this a few years ago. I need to be this ASAP thank you very much. Now if you will excuse me I need to go talk to a 20th level wizard with the wish spell. Have a good day everyone. Keep up the good work D&D.

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