A Class on Multiclassing: The Sorcadin

How does the lawful Paladin play with the chaotic Sorcerer? Join us as we foray into a more magical multiclass, the Sorcerer/Paladin!

Hello! Welcome back to another entry into our series on Multiclassing, where today we’ll be talking about what I think is one of the most powerful multiclasses in the gamethe Sorcerer/Paladin! Let’s take a look at what makes this multiclass so incredible!

Starting things off, let’s take a look at some similarities between the two classes! Really the only similarity between these two classes is their reliance on Charisma as a spellcasting stat. As a result of this, they both also get the ability to cast spells, though the Sorcerer is a full caster while the Paladin is a half caster.

With that though, their similarities end. To start, Paladins are divine in their powers, swearing an Oath to either a God or certain principals they uphold. Sorcerers on the other hand base their powers in the Arcane, coming to them from the innate magic of the world. Paladins are martial classes, giving them a d10 hit die and proficiency in all weapons and armor. Sorcerers have a d6 hit die, the lowest in the game, and have proficiency in no armors and only a select few weapons. I think you can start to tell why good things happen when you combine these two….

The Light of Magic

When combined, the Paladin/Sorcerer multiclass is easily one of the most powerful, and here’s why:

One, you get an incredible buff to your spellcasting. While the Paladin does have some incredible spells such as smites and Find Steed, they’re often gated in how many spell slots they’re able to use to cast these spells. Multiclassing into Sorcerer grants you both more spell slots and a wider array of spells. If you find that you’re at range, as opposed to using Javelins, you can use spells like chromatic orb or fire bolt. Additionally, you will be able to pump your sorcery points into more spells or….

Let’s talk about two abilities. Metamagic and Divine Smite. While the two of these are immense boons to the single classes, they make this combination of classes incredible. Let’s talk about Metamagic first:

Metamagic will heavily increase your martial prowess when you take spells like Green Flame Blade or Booming Blade. If you take Quicken Spell, you’ll be able to use one of these cantrips as a bonus action, essentially giving you 3 attacks with Multiattack as long as you have sorcery points and a bonus action. You could also use Twinned Spell with these cantrips, allowing you to hit two enemies at once with a Booming Blade (Not Green Flame Blade) and control the battlefield well. If you wanted to use one of the attack cantrips with a reach weapon, you can even take Distant Spell! Metamagic compliments the Paladin’s martial ability with those cantrips insanely well, and still is able to work wonders with the normal Sorcery/Paladin spells.

Divine Smite is the Paladin’s main damage ability, and as noted is kind of gated by the lower amount of spell slots. Multiclassing into Sorcerer gives you many more spell slots to work with, allowing you to cast higher level smites quicker and more often. With the ability to manipulate Spell Slots/Sorcery Points with Font of Magic, you’ll be able to decide if you want to use your resources to smite more or use your Metamagics more, granting you a great choice between the two.

Lastly, the amount of proficincies that you gain from levels in Paladin is extraordinary. A sorcerer wearing Plate Armor in addition to spells like shield and shield of faith will make you nigh untouchable as early as level 3. The main grab of the multiclass is the amount of versatility you gain from two different spell lists and proficiency in all armors/weapons while still gaining solid spell slot progression.

A Guided Path of Chaos

When it comes to actually building the character, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be wanting to start out in Paladin. Gaining all the martial proficiencies and the generally better starting equipment will serve you better. However, Sorcerers do get a very appealing proficiency in Constitution saving throws, which will be very helpful since you’ll more often than not be near the front lines. Despite this, I think everything that the Paladin gives you is well worth taking your first level in that class.

From here, you have two options and a lot of decisions to make. You could simply go up to level 3 in Paladin and go the rest of the way in Sorcerer, focusing more on Nova potential and being generally squishier but having higher damage output. You could go to level 5 in Paladin then the rest in Sorcerer, or you could even go to level 7! What I’m getting at is the level in each class is less strict than other multiclasses and you can pick and choose as you go along. Generally though you’ll be wanting to pick up key abilities like Divine Smite, Multiattack and Aura of Courage from Paladin and Metamagic and 3rd level Spell Slots from Sorcerer.

When it comes to subclass, you can come up with a ton of cool ideas! The simple one is Divine Soul Sorcerer/Devotion Paladin, which will give you access to the Cleric Spell List as well! However, you could make an awesome Shadow Sorcerer/Oath of Vengeance Paladin, hellbent on using his innate shadow magics to exact the vengeance he has set out for. Maybe even consider Wild Magic Sorcerer/Oath of the Ancients if you’re playing in a setting where the land is incredibly volatile with magic! The choice is up to you, since the subclasses don’t matter quite as much as the main class abilities!

There we go! The Sorcadin is probably one of the most powerful multiclasses as well as being very RP friendly! Have you played this awesome multiclass? Let us know on our twitter or instagram. Thanks for taking the time to join us, we appreciate it!

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