A Class on Multiclassing: Fighter

Welcome back all! We’re jumping back into looking at multiclasses and focusing on the most versatile class in the game, the Fighter! Come check out what we have to say

Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone!! Class is finally back in session after a very long break and it’s good to be back. Let’s start off with something a little easier for the both of us and something I personally adore, Fighters! A Fighter’s versatility extends beyond just its own class, and it is one of the few classes that just about every single class could benefit from! Let’s dive into a few reasons why you’d want to multiclass into Fighter and the best way to go about it!

The First Few Levels

Let’s go ahead and start with multiclassing INTO fighter. A level 1 Fighter is pretty solid, getting you Second Wind and one of those coveted Fighting Styles. Picking up the Archery fighting style for a Rogue or Defense fighting style for a Cleric will grant a small bonus that can go a long way to making those classes feel a little smoother. Second Wind is a decent bonus action heal that can get you up to 11 health and is available on a short rest.

Level 2 grants you one of the absolute best abilities in the game, Action Surge. You’d be hard pressed to find a class that doesn’t benefit from this ability, as it grants you an extra action on your turn once a short rest. A rogue could use that to reposition or get an extra attack in, a spellcaster can get an extra cantrip in on their turn, and a Barbarian can get another multiattack in with their Reckless Attack. Action Surge will help your class no matter what, but don’t think that you HAVE to multiclass into fighter just to get this ability!

Level 3 grants you a Martial Archetype which will let you double down on any kind of theme you’re going for or fortify a build idea you may have. Playing a Half Orc Barbarian that’s fishing for crits? Take three levels and go into Champion to double that crit chance! Wanna take it to the front lines with your Wizard? Eldritch Knight compliments your spellcasting while giving you proficiency in all armor except heavy as well as simple and martial weapons. Feel like you aren’t getting enough sneak attacks as a rogue? Samurai gives you advantage for just your bonus action! While going for two levels into Fighter gives you more than enough, going for a third level will certainly help you double down on whatever build you’re going for.

Fighter? Rogue? Warlock? Why not all of them?

The Last Few Levels

Multiclassing out of Fighter is more often than not a pretty solid idea. Level 18 gives you your archetype capstone, which is very hard to give up a lot of the time. Most fighter subclasses are like a reverse bell curve, getting their best abilities at level 3 and level 18. Quite frankly it’s up to you whether you want to build towards your capstone or just use the archetypes to boost a different class. However, it can be rough to lose out on your capstone so choose wisely!

Level 19 simply gives you another Ability Score Increase which you’ve already had like six of them until this point so you should be good. Important to talk about the fact that the reason that Fighters get so many feats is because they don’t get nearly as many cool abilities as a Paladin, Ranger, or Monk!

Finally, a Fighter’s capstone just gives them a fourth attack when they Multiattack. While it is an excellent capstone and compliments exactly what the fighter does best, it’s not necessarily the best capstone. Usually if you’re multiclassing into or out of Fighter you’ll be trying to do something else with your action or you’ll have another way to stack on damage, whether it’s smites, sneak attacks, hunter’s marks, you name it.

In conclusion, Fighter is an excellent class to either take just a few levels in or go all the way up to 20 with. You can find that you’ll greatly benefit whether you multiclass into or out of fighter, as their abilities are strong enough on their own, can be buffed up with a small dip in another class, or compliment the mechanics of virtually any other class.

Just one level in Wizard lets you shoot fire from your hands!

Multiclass Options

All of them. Literally all of them. As I’ve said a few times in the article, Fighter pairs well with every class. Their solid D10 hit die and Second Wind as well as proficiencies gives a nice buff to the squishy casters and I’ve even heard of some casters taking their 1st level in Fighter for the high base HP and the proficiency in Constitution saving throws. Martial classes benefit greatly from a Fighting style and Action Surge as well as some options from the Battle Master or Samurai subclass.

As for Multiclassing out of Fighter…. realistically it’s the exact same. Want some extra burst damage? Take a few levels in Rogue or Paladin. Want to dabble in spellcasting? Wizard, Sorcerer or Warlock all have great abilities for you to choose from, with the extra kicker that Warlock also works on Short Rests like many of your other abilities. Battle Master will literally compliment any weapon based combat character, so if you’re looking for some variety, make sure to grab levels in Fighter!!

Fighter levels: So easy, a tortle can do it


To wrap up the article, Fighter is an awesome class. Whether you want to keep it simple and be a single class Fighter or a crazy multiclass with a few levels in Fighter, it will hold its own and provide some awesome support while sticking true to the flavor of your character. Next time you feel like multiclassing, don’t feel like you shouldn’t pick Fighter because it’s “boring”!

Whoo, that’ll do it! I want to personally apologize for the big break, but we’re slowly working on getting this train moving again and pumping out more articles! Your support is always treasured and we’ll see you next time!

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