5 DIY Dice trays you can make today

Want to leave the Tupperware behind at home? Looking for fun new DIY project? Let’s take a look at five dice trays you can build today!

So here’s the thing about dice trays: you can pretty much use just about any item that is remotely shaped like a container as a dice tray. And that’s great and all, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, who wants to take out some Tupperware in the middle of game night? Instead, here are five super cheap and easy to make ideas to build your own customizable dice tray.

#1 The box

Well, duh. How didn’t we think about this one Faelyn? What? You told me last week? That’s not true. Now go away I’m writing an article. Where was I? Oh yeah, boxes.

If you have any sort of jewelry box or maybe even an old fancy cigar box, then you’re golden already. If not, well it shouldn’t be that difficult or expensive to find one. I’d say we probably prefer wood for this one but it can probably work well with aluminum or plastic too, I suppose.

Once you have the box all you really need is a bit of padding for it. Look around your house, you might even have a bit of this for your last Amazon delivery or something. Moved houses recently? Even more likely.

After you’re done gluing that to the bottom of the box, it’s about done. Now, This is actually my current setup and since my box was pretty plain, I did take the liberty of decorating the outside to my liking. I’m not the most creative, so I just did some sharpie decorations, but I’ve seen people do crazy stuff with clay or even with Popsicle sticks. Go wild!

#2 The foldable tray

Don’t have a box and can’t be bothered to buy one? Well, how about a foldable tray instead? All you need is a bit of fabric (should be thick or sturdy enough to hold some form) and a couple of buttons.

That’s it, there’s really no instructions needed for this one, to be honest. You get a lot out for very little effort, and the best part is that it won’t even take up that much space in your bag when it’s time to head over to the Dungeon Master’s house.

If you want to step up your foldable tray game a bit, what about using an old mouse pad instead? You could even pick up one that has a cool design you like! It’ll keep its form better and be waterproof. Win, win.

#3 The ashtray

Okay, so maybe we’re getting a bit out of hand here but like I said before, you can basically make a dice tray out of pretty much anything. Quit smoking recently? First off, congratulations if that’s the case, but hey! Would you look at that? Now you have a brand new dice trade waiting to be made.

Heck, you could even use all that money you’re saving now that you don’t have to buy smokes to buy some materials to decorate the outside of the tray… just make sure to clean it before adding the felt padding.

#4 The book tray

Playing a wizard or a Pact of the Tome Warlock? Why not take their love for books to the next step? Joke aside I think this is a really cool idea. Especially if you’re working with a larger tome. What’s stopping you from making two different compartments? Absolutely nothing that’s what. You could have one compartment as a dice tray and another one to keep all your 43124 dice in it. Or note, I guess. Depends on what you value more, I suppose (it’s the dice).

I also love, love the idea of decorating the cover of the book to look like your character’s Spellbook, heck, why not leave a couple of pages unglued so you can paste over your own list of spells? Ugh. I just, really need this next time I play a wizard.

#5 The photograph frame tray

Last but not least the photo frame. I left this one for last because I’ve been it around quite a bit lately. And why not? It’s simple, it works, and it looks pretty nice. In a similar fashion to the rest of our earlier entries, there’s not really a long list of requirements for this one. All you need is a photograph frame of the right dimensions and a bit of padding.

If you’re looking for a useful present to gift to your party members, I definitely suggest taking a look at some of the things people have done with these. You can customize the colors or even stamp different designs onto them to match the player’s different characters.

At the end of the day having a dice tray is not necessary for playing Dungeons and Dragons, but it can certainly make things easier for everyone at the table. If you can’t currently afford to buy your own, why not take on a fun project instead?

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